We asked ChatGPT for an Exeter Uni bucket list and here’s what it said

And no, shagging your housemate isn’t on there

Ah, ChatGPT. Is it good? Is it bad? Did it really just produce 10 completely made-up quotes from Romeo and Juliet which will not help my essay in any way, shape or form? You tell me, professor. ChatGPT may struggle when it comes to the odd fact-find, but there’s no doubting its capabilities in other areas — such as when we asked it to plan a student night out in Exeter. Today, we’re asking ChatGPT for an Exeter University student bucket list. Here goes nothing.

1. ‘Explore the beautiful campus: Take time to discover the stunning Streatham Campus, including Reed Hall Gardens and the Forum.’

Well, that’s a strong start. Streatham Campus wouldn’t be the same without its gorgeous views and trails. Always a solid choice on a sunny day, a walk through Reed Hall Gardens is pretty darn likely to improve your day — even if that day begins at 8:30am and that pretty view from Holland Hall is looking a little too night-time-y for your liking.

2. ‘Attend Freshers’ Week: Dive into the vibrant social scene and participate in various events during Freshers’ Week.’

Certainly something every first year should have on their bucket list — and why not attend in later years, too? Freshers’ Week (or Welcome Week, as it’s supposedly now labelled — get with the times, ChatGPT) is your number one stop for free tote bags, pens and vouchers galore, plus a healthy little dose of Freshers’ Flu on the side, thanks to that “vibrant social scene”. A fab way to make friends, try out new societies and experience first-hand just how many people can fit into Fever’s room two.

3. ‘Surf at Exmouth Beach: Try your hand at surfing or simply enjoy the sandy beaches at Exmouth, not far from Exeter.’

And it was all going so well. An interesting take for a top five, but alas. Whilst Exmouth may not feature as a highlight for big waves (try Polzeath or Newcombe), Exeter’s nearby beaches should indeed be frequented by every student during their time here. Whether it’s Exmouth, Dawlish Warren or even Beer beach, as soon as the sun finally appears (probably and ironically in mid-August), you can bet your Henry’s tokens that every spare spot of sand will be packed with Exeter students from all years. And hey, maybe join Surf Soc if you really do fancy conquering those icy waves. Speaking of societies…

4. ‘Join a society: Join one (or more) of the many student societies that cater to various interests, from sports to arts and culture.’

That’s more like it. If you’re not joining at least one society during your time at Exeter, you may well be missing out on some solid and borderline-essential university experiences with people who share your interests — be it theatre, Harry Styles, or even Rubix Cubes. Be warned, though — if, like me, you sign up to (and buy memberships for) six different societies during your first year Freshers’ (ahem, Welcome Week), do not expect to spend equal time with them all. Or with any of them.

5. ‘Sample local cuisine: Try traditional Devon cream teas, pasties, and other local delicacies.’

Hmm. Whilst we’re not quite convinced that “Devon cream tea” is up there on the ultimate Exeter student bucket list, there certainly are a plateful of “local cuisines” worth experiencing before you inevitably graduate into a world of normal, boring food.