What Taylor Swift Album you are based on your Lincoln Accommodation

If Taylor can romanticise Brixton, she would just love the crystal waters of the Brayford.

In a world of Taylor Swift domination, she is everywhere: TV, music, books, Twitter, Pinterest. We Swifties love to obsess over our favourite albums and the specific vibes each of them gives off. On the “sane” side of the spectrum, we also feel the need to say that’s so *insert Taylor Swift album here* coded, it’s a red brick wall. There’s nothing specific about it. Living up to my Swiftie fan label, here’s what Taylor Swift album you are based on your Lincoln accommodation.

Reputation – Lincoln Courts

Are you ready for it? Yes, Lincoln Courts students would be. They live in prison blocks, they fear nobody. Besides the terrifying ordeal of having to take the bins out and dodge the giant rats, this accommodation loves to take on anything challenging that comes their way. An accommodation loved and hated by many, Courts has its own reputation and I’m not talking about the highest percentage of flatcest. But in all honesty, Lincoln Courts deserves the coveted Reputation album, because even with the thin walls and questionable bathrooms, its students still continue to back Courts as if their lives depend on it.

Speak Now – St Marks

Name one person in St Marks that doesn’t have a superior complex. Speak now, more like speak less, we can see you in your eighth floor room looking down on the rest of us. These residents are insufferable at a flat party, their accommodation is a number one conversation starter, the location on their Instagram pictures, they will make it known that they live in St Marks. Let’s be honest though, even with the prices for rooms, it’s a classic and you’re lying if you say you wouldn’t live there if you could.

1989 – Pavilions

Talk to anyone that knows someone from Pavs and they will tell you that they met them in passing, outside a bar on a random Thursday night. The residents here treat nights out as a religious experience because being social is equally as important as their degree. And somehow, even with the accommodation hidden behind the astroturf, they are the first to be involved in the campus drama. Sung by Swift herself, “I swear, I don’t love the drama, it loves me.”

Debut – Cygnet Wharf

Here for a good time, the residents in Valentine might be fearless, because they never manage to get themselves in drama. Total sweethearts and unbothered, they somehow manage to become friends and actually tolerate the other twelve students that live in close proximately to them. You’ll find this sunshine character actually making use of the communal benches outside and it won’t be for smoking.

Folklore – Gateway

Dark, depressing, the only highlight for the students once living here was the convenience of the 24 hour McDonalds. The feeling of sadness was not only felt outside when looking at this accommodation but from the students inside too. I mean I’d also be depressed if my room looked out onto the towering blocks of St Marks. A gentle reminder of the social life and a well designed, permanent home you could have had, if you had only paid an extra 80 pounds and given your spleen to reserve a room. These residents dodged a bullet when they were relocated from this place.

Midnights – Junxion

Don’t be fooled by the apocalyptic-looking style of this accommodation, the resident do get out even if it’s only in the courtyard to smoke their feelings away. Though this accommodation is a night owl, the residents spend ungodly hours procrastinating in the confines of their room or watching drama unfold on campus through the front row seat of their bedroom window. It’s convenient that they chose to live on top of the university, how else will they snap up Quack ducks during the weekly treasure hunts? Aside from hoarding Quack merch, these students will attend one lecture and then disappear for the rest of their degree. It will be at graduation when you question where they’ve been for the last three years.

Evermore – Pine Mills

Where’s Pine Mills? Exactly. Like our middle child Evermore, this accommodation is forgotten about. Hidden behind the wastelands of the Morrisons car park, these buildings are straight out of a beige Lego set, except the inside isn’t hollow and is greatly underrated. I’ve had friends in Pine Mills and can I just say, they are living a life of luxury. Like this fairytale album, you have to wonder if the people living here are uni students at all, with three floors of bedrooms, a kitchen and a cute lounge on the bottom, you could mistake the cosy feeling of an actual house that belongs to a sitcom family rather than a hoard of university students.

Red (Taylor’s Version) – 179 High Street

179 High Street loves to keep to themselves, they just hate the attention. That’s why there is a large display of Post-it notes across a flat kitchen window spelling out “Cheater.” Is there a backstory? No, but it’s just convenient that the block bedroom opposite has its blinds down all the way and never turns on its lights. Honestly, good for you girl. That’s one way to name and shame. This accommodation takes committing to the bit to the extreme, beer can collecting is a sport and displaying them at the windows is their prized trophy. I mean what else are these students going to do, when the most interesting thing to happen is a freight train passing by their bedroom at 1 am?