Boo! These Lancs student experiences are scarier than a ghost on Halloween

Fear of losing Roses is not on this list x

As we enter into the spooky season, we thought it would be a good idea to prepare you for some of the scariest things that can happen to you as a Lancs student. This list might not mean you can avoid them, but at least they’ll be a little less scary when they happen. This should prepare you for all the wicked twists and turns that can occur on campus. So sit back, relax, and ignore that shadow lurking over you right now.

1. Going on the woodland walk alone

Although it’s nice to wander around campus and enjoy all the lovely nature on offer, going on the Woodland Walk can be scary, especially at night. From the leaves crunching, twigs snapping, and random noises, you don’t know what is around the corner. The Sugarbus? Guiness the cat? Or, maybe even a ghost.

2. Being stuck at the underpass

Whether it’s going for a weekly food shop or a night out, waiting for a bus can be stressful when you’re packed in like sardines at the underpass.  When all of the students are crammed in and pushing their way to the bus doors, it can be a scary experience. Especially when it’s pouring down or windy, waiting around at the underpass is not the place to be. Even Dracula’s immortality doesn’t give him enough time to wait for the 1A.

3. Being alone in the library

The library is a great space for focusing on your work, but being in the library late into the night, especially on C floor, can be terrifying. In complete silence, the slightest sound can leave you feeling startled. Looking for books, and waiting for the lights to flicker on as you walk down the aisle proves how ominous the library can be at night. Maybe Frankenstein’s monster will be waiting round a corner.

4. Waiting in the queue for Greggs

Of course, this has to be mentioned, but waiting for ages in the Greggs queue when you have places to be, or just simply do not want to be standing there awkwardly as people pass by, is petrifying. Even though buying a Greggs is an easy thing to do, it can be scary waiting for centuries to purchase a sausage roll. Even ghosts would be crying boo-hoo.

5. Losing your keys

After a long day, going back to your accommodation to relax is the best feeling, but this can quickly change to fear when you can’t find your keys at the bottom of your tote bag. The initial scare of not knowing where you last had your keys to then standing in the freezing cold, all alone. You can only hope that a flatmate will let you in because you don’t know who or what will be lurking around the corner.

6. Being lost in Bowland North

A very relatable and scary experience for any Lancs student is being lost in Bowland North. Entering seems easy, but leaving is anyone’s worst nightmare. If you manage to escape in a decent time, then you definitely have “the character who survives til the end of the horror movie” vibes.

7. Missing out on Sugar’s deals

For those of you who go on a night out, Sugar’s discount deals before midnight are incredible but, making sure you get there on time can be extremely intense and scary. With swarms of bodies crowding around the bar, it’s not so easy to make your order. These deals not only help you save money but transform your night from good to fantastic, so the only option is to survive and thrive in the Sugar apocalypse.

8. The gym

Another scary thing on our list is the gym. Entering, with all the friendly staff and great facilities seems perfect but when it’s packed, you walk into any room feeling that all eyes are on you. This could send shivers up your spine. Waiting centuries for a machine to be free can be scary because you do not want to rush any other person. This will have pharaohs wanting their mummy.

9. Having an assignment due

The final terrifying thing that any Lancs student will experience is having an assignment due. When the clock is ticking, your pulse rises, and all you can do is try (and fail) to write to create the best piece of work possible. Do you work in your room? The gloomy library? Even Norma won’t be able to save you from the inevitability of a looming deadline.

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