Fashion in the Forum: Exeter Invades races 2023 edition

Its not quite Royal Ascot, but Newton Abbot is a fierce contender

With the races over the weekend, Exeter Uni students have had the opportunity to dust off their flat caps and adorn their favourite suit trousers. From asking daddy for his top races tips, in hopes to actually make some winnings this time round, to having pints chucked over you in the DJ tent, it is essential that you’re strutting around in a worthy outfit. Skinny scarves and anything fur were seemingly the most popular trends this year, as well as the ageless tweed we all expect to see year in, year out. The routine Afghan coat that has dominated the races trends for the past two years was nowhere in sight, whereas the leather jacket has proven its timelessness.

Maybe this could spark some inspiration for what you should buy with your winnings, or if you were unable to attend this time round, you should definitely use this for guidance when it comes to your next races fit.

Honor, third year, economics, @honorslifeonfilm

Where everything’s from:

Jumper – Parade Vintage by Exeter Central.

Trousers – Vintage TopShop from eBay.

Jacket – Exeter Kilo sale pop up.

What’s your favourite part of your outfit? How does races fashion compare to the uni day to day?

“Funny you should ask that, I bought this jumper at Parade yesterday and think it very much fits the vibe of the races. I like how it gives me the opportunity to get out of my netball stash (alright, netball social sec) and away from the leggings.”

Gaby, third year, business and management, @gibzo

Where everything’s from:

Jacket – Vintage TopShop from eBay.

Trousers – Charity shop by Exeter St Thomas.

Have you won anything today?

“I had 42p winnings in my William Hill from last races, won £1.30 with that from the first race and then lost those massive winnings during the race after.”

Libby, third year, English, @xlibbyedwards

Where everything’s from:

Jacket – Parade Vintage by Exeter Central.

Trousers – Charity shop.

Boots – Prada.

Belt – Urban Outfitters.

Gloves – Zara.

What’s your races day itinerary?

“Since its such an early start, I am showered and getting ready before 10am! Pres started just before 11, then we were off to St James’ station to catch the train to Newton Abbot. The races will then roll into a TP Saturday, of course.”

Emily, third year, art history and film, @emilysewellx

Where everything’s from:

Jacket – Bershka.

Scarf – Charity shop.

Jumper – Mango.

Trousers – Charity shop.

Shoes – Dr Martens.

What kind of outfit do you look for in man at the races?

“Sticking to my country roots, I can’t say no to a man in tweed. However, men’s outfits here do seem pretty copy and paste.

Listen up boys: This is your sign to step up your fashion game for the next races.”

Imogen, third year, psychology, @imogenperring

Where everything’s from:

Jumper – Depop.

Trousers – Urban Outfitters.

Shoes – Nike Uptempos.

What’s your inspiration behind your outfit today?

“I love anything fur so obviously that had to be incorporated (hence the jumper) and I feel like suit trousers are a staple at the races.”

Suit trousers were indeed a noticeable trend at this year’s races.

Hannah, third year, history, @hannahdiamond

Where everything’s from:

Jacket – Etsy.

Scarf – Charity shop.

Jumper – Zara.

Trousers – Emporio Armarni.

Sunglasses – Maison Margiela.

Hat – Charity Shop.

Shoes – Zara.

Have you been to the races before? What’s your favourite part about the races?

“I had never been to the races before coming to Exeter, having grown up in Thailand its not such a regular thing, but now I can’t get enough! I love the horses and the atmosphere of the DJ tent, however I have yet to win a bet yet.”

Clearly someone needs to learn how to use William Hill.

Hannah and Saskia, third year, English and psychology, @hannahbramsden, @saskiathomson_  

Where everything’s from:

Hannah (left):

Jacket – Vintage shop.

Scarf – Urban Outfitters.

Boots – Dolls Kill.

Saskia (right):

Jumper – Brandy Melville.

Jacket – Zara.

Shoes – Nike Airforces.

What’s your number one races fashion essential?

“It HAS to be a leather jacket, that’s why we are unintentionally matching today!”

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