Forget the alphabet, here’s an easy A-Z that every Liverpool student should know

Props to anyone who can tick off all 26

Whether you’re a fresher, or a resident final year student, we all love a new recommendation. Liverpool is bursting with fun food spots, cool bars and club nights, but it can sometimes get a bit overwhelming. We’ve put together this handy A-Z of all our favourite bits and bobs of being a student in Liverpool to make it a little bit easier for you to enjoy!

A – AU night

By far the most talked about night out. If you see students in swimming costumes with lilos taped to their body in Electrik, it’s safe to assume they’re freshers.

B – Baa Bar stairs

If you haven’t seen the TikToks of drunk students falling down the Baa Bar stairs… be warned.

C – Concert Square

Your friend asks “where are you?” and you respond “near concert square” because it’s the easiest meeting point to find a lost friend. Most popular when the suns out.

D – Dirty O’sheas

The beginning of a great night out. Rarely do you plan to go here, but hearing the live music as you walk past draws all students inside.

E – Electrik Warehouse

Specifically, the Pandamonium Panda on a Saturday, who will be dancing on stage from 12pm until 3am, bum shaking left and right, all for your enjoyment. Don’t forget to queue early on a Thursday for Shindie, and the chance to hold a piece of cardboard above your head for four hours.

F – The Flute

If your pub crawl doesn’t include the Flute, the Sphinx, Hope & Anchor, and The Scholar, you’re doing something wrong.

G – Guild burrito

At a staggering £5, what else would you rather spend your money on? You haven’t been to the University of Liverpool if you haven’t tried one of these.

H – Heebie’s basement

Deciding between Heebie Jeebies and Shindie is the hardest decision any fresher has to face. But Heebie’s basement tips this club into first place.

I – Ian McKellen (Sir Ian McKellen)

If you didn’t already know, in 2017, Sir Ian McKellen walked into the Sphinx, sat on table 105, ordered a jacket potato and a latte, and even had a plaque screwed onto the wall to remember it. Along with a day called “Ian McKellen Day”.

J – John Moores

One of the brilliant universities that Liverpool has to offer. Without John Moores, the night out Poly vs Posh (Battle of the Uni’s bar crawl) wouldn’t exist.

K – Kensington

Kensington and Smithdown are the two most popular locations for second year students. The (only) one perk of living in Kensington is “I don’t have to buy a bus pass”.

L – Lark Lane

Your student loan has just arrived and you treat yourself to a picnic on Sefton Park, followed by a cocktail on Lark Lane.

M – Mount Pleasant (Mount Everest)

Taking this street towards the city centre is peaceful, the way back however is a steep uphill battle. The only pleasant part is looking at the pretty Cathedral and taking a photo.

N – Nabzy’s

It’s 4am, you’ve just been kicked out of the club because it’s closing, your stomach is rumbling, and you stumble into Nabzy’s and make the hardest decision of your life: Pizza or chicken?

O – (Liverpool) One

Any student, Liverpudlian, or tourist, has had at least one trip to Liverpool One. You’ll need to get a bus home with all the shopping bags and Starbucks drinks you’ve bought.

P – Paddy’s Day (St Patrick’s Day)

Did you know, Liverpool has the strongest Irish Heritage of any other UK city? So St Patrick’s Day is one to book off work if you want a good night.

Q – Quad Vods

You’re feeling drunk but not super drunk, so you decide to order one of these from The Hatch bar. Next thing your head is in the toilet.

R – RAZ (Raz bomb)

If you think you’ve met the love of your life in The Raz (because they offer to buy you a Raz bomb), you haven’t, they’re just skint. You’re worth more than £1.

S – Sydney Jones Library

If you thought skint Tuesdays would be making it on this list, you’d be wrong. Scrambling to find a seat in the Abercromby Wing is slightly more stress-inducing than being seen out on a Tuesday.

T – Tesco Meal Deal

Not meal prepped the night before? Not to worry! Surrounding campus are several Tesco Express’ where students swarm to get their hands on the best meal deal selection before it’s all gone.

U – Uni (not university)

Uni life is something that we take for granted. When university gets stressful or intense, treat yourself to a night out with your flatmates/housemates and live your best uni life.

V – Voi scooters

At least at some point in your university experience, one of your friends will convince you to hop on a Voi scooter before falling off ten seconds later.

W – Woody’s

Fancy a bit of Karaoke? It doesn’t matter whether you are a good singer or not, since everyone will be too drunk to remember in the morning.

X – Xmas markets

A Yorkshire pudding wrap filled with a hot roast dinner and gravy, Nutella crepes, and mulled wine, Christmas is just around the corner and the Liverpool Christmas markets are a cute place to take your friends or your date.

Y – ‘You’ll never walk alone’

This meaningful quote will keep the memory of those who were lost at Hillsborough. Football is hugely competitive in Liverpool, and one of the first questions a scouser will ask is “are you a red or blue?”

Z – Zanzibar

A less well-known bar, yet still a good one. But the first time you go, I promise you from experience, you will not remember a thing.

Get ticking these off to ensure you maximise your uni experience!

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