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Put that drink down: Here are the top five sober activities for students in Warwick

No alcohol? No problem

Uni — the time when you’re supposed to consume more pints of purple than water. After two years of hangovers, I’ve now reached a point in my life where sitting on the sofa with a cup of tea and a sticky toffee pudding to watch University Challenge sounds much more appealing than a Kasbah Monday. Call me old, but don’t call me boring because fun doesn’t always involve alcohol. Here are my favourite sober activities at Warwick.

1. The Cat Lounge, Coventry

Just imagine it’s deadline season, you’re up to your eyeballs in essays, and the last thing that will relieve your stress is whipping your shirt off at midnight. But do you know what will? The Cat Lounge in Coventry. Who doesn’t need a bit of pet therapy from time to time? Grab a friend and head to Coventry and relax with a nice coffee and cake whilst being surrounded by lots of kitties. One might even snuggle up to you. This is such a great stress reliever and even helped me soothe my withdrawal symptoms from being away from my cat at home.

2. Leamington Sunday Market

My favourite Sunday morning activity is heading to the market on the parade. Filled with over 60 local businesses, this is not only a great way to support small businesses but also treat yourself to some retail therapy. My flatmates and I will usually treat ourselves to some lunch from one of the food vendors, or a sweet treat from the abundance of cake stalls. Is it financially sensible? Probably not. But it’s certainly cheaper than a night out. The market is also a great place to find gifts for those flatmates you love so dearly. Whether they’re a vinyl lover or jewellery lover —there is something for everyone here. And the good thing is, it’s never the same stalls so you can make this a weekly outing.

3. Ice skating

3. Ice skating

4. The Dice Box, Leamington Spa

Instead of playing a game of bottle in T Bar, head to The Dice Box to play a board game with your friends. It’s even more competitive than circling games so do proceed with caution as it may lead to some (friendly) arguments. They have nearly 700 games to choose from so you certainly will never get bored, and the super friendly staff are always happy to offer some suggestions. You pay per hour, so it is a very cheap activity and it’s always one of my favourites — I take any friend who comes to visit. They also have a great food and drink menu if you need game fuel. I would highly recommend their milkshakes.

5. Bowling

My current obsession: Bowling. I forgot how fun bowling is. I’m not very good at it, but I love it. The bowling alley in Leamington Spa constantly has deals on — whether that’s three games for £9 or a meal and a game, bowling is always a fun evening out with your friends. I like to envision the pins as my deadlines and the ball as my key to a first. Do I knock all of the pins down? No. But does it feel fun trying? Yes. I’m consistently average (like I am in most parts of my life) but the rare occasion I do get a strike, is often the highlight of my week. The glory I feel is inconceivable. If you’re normal you probably will play for fun, but if you’re anything like my flatmates, an intense competition and rivalry will be created. But I think it just makes it more fun.

If you don’t drink or are getting old like me and the clubbing days are long behind you, don’t write yourself off. There are plenty of wholesome sober activities for you to do. Sometimes it’s just important to look after yourself and take a break from the booze and books. If anyone wants to challenge my “bowling’s biggest loser” titles, feel free to contact me.

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