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Seven unique Bristol-themed costumes that will make you the best dressed this Halloween

To help you stand out from the hundreds of angels, cowboys, Barbies and Kens this year

Yet another year has passed us, and as the air gets colder, the days get darker and we can no longer get away without bringing a jacket to the club, we know Halloween is quickly approaching.

Whilst a minority of you have been planning the perfect costume all year (and confidently feeling you have the best outfit), this is not the case for most of us. Finding an easy yet non-basic costume is perhaps more stressful than our degrees, as we see the flurry of students making their way toward Cabot frantically trying to sort out a last-minute idea.

Here is a list of outside-the-box ideas, inspired by our beloved city of Bristol. These are bound to turn heads in whatever club you end up in, or stranger’s house party you attend.

1. Voi and Tier scooters

In memory of our favourite e-scooter Voi (dearly missed), this duo costume is the perfect way to honour the loss and replacement of the iconic scooters. Heelys are a non-essential part but they do add some realism to the look. Bonus points if you ride them to your party destination, obviously.

2. Fishies mascot

In an ode to everyone’s favourite spot on a Wednesday for a night out, dressing up as Gravity’s famous fishies mascot seems like a no-brainer, even more so if you’re visiting the club in this costume. This is bound to catch the eye of your Gravity crush in the smoking area.

3. Just Stop Oil & The Queen’s Building

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you would’ve heard of this incident happening recently at the Bristol Uni Queen’s Building. Covering the Queen costume in orange paint to mirror the building’s vandalisation might be a little messy, but totally worth it for the outcome – you could even do some sexy handprints to spice it up. The ultimate couple’s costume, especially if there’s a little bit of toxic tension between you.

4. La Rocca’s cube

If Gravity isn’t your favourite club, or you want to avoid the freshers, opt for this costume instead – the iconic Rubik’s cube logo of La Rocca. First years haven’t ventured further than Brass Pig yet so this club is safe territory. This outfit perfectly matches the luminous dance floor we all know too well.

5. Wannabe DJ

It wouldn’t be a Bristol-based list without including the ever-growing population of wannabe DJs. I’m willing to bet this breed of Bristol students already owns everything needed for this costume, making it easy yet effective. Since Halloween is on a Tuesday this year, there’s only one place these people will be: Lakota, to envision themselves one day being on stage with a set of their own.

6. Rugby boy and netball girl

When thinking of an iconic duo on the uni campus, nothing comes to mind more than the rugby boy and netball girl combo. Whether this describes you and your partner or an idea to match with your mates instead, this is perfect for those already owning the outfits, making this one a breeze to recreate.

7. Lizard Lounge