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A comprehensive list of Cardiff University students’ red flags

It is time to stop ignoring these red flags

Here is a breakdown of Cardiff University student red flags. Coming to you from students who have endured them, so you don’t have to.

The Russell Group dropper

This red flag falls into a rather relatable but still ever-so-annoying category of flexing.

Yes, indeed Cardiff University is counted as a British Russell Group, well known as the more esteemed university in the area. While it is acceptable to jump at the chance to say “Cardiff University, not MET” when telling someone you study in Cardiff. The Russell Group bomb is an unnecessary addition.

This isn’t Cambridge, you’re not an Oxbridge student. Give it a rest, please.

The strictly only Blue VKs

If you know someone who only ever has a blue VK in their hand, run!

Drink shaming is not something commonly condoned at university. Here it is always a good idea to stay for just “one” more because you will most definitely make your 9am lecture tomorrow. But solely drinking blue VK’s is a major red flag.

Blue VKs are for year 10 house parties, not YOLO. You are an adult and a Russel group university student. Get an orange one instead.

The live, laugh, love rugby

Do you sleep, eat and breathe rugby? Well, we are here to tell you to stop.

This does not apply to your standard rugby enthusiast. If you just like watching the games or playing the sport, you are immune. This red flag applies to those whose only personality trait is their love of rugby.

These people are often identified through the phrase: “I would’ve gone pro” followed up with an elaborate story about a minor, unimpactful injury they acquired while playing the sport in PE. Your greatest accomplishment is the sheer number of eye-rolls you receive on a night out.

Please, get another hobby.

Please, get another hobby.

The most controversial of the red flags, the mullet hairstyle has received some mixed responses.

When done right, the mullet can be a good look, however it has a tendency to scream red flag.

The mullet has regained popularity in recent years, so much so it has infected the alpha males of Cardiff.

The mullet can be an early warning sign of an upcoming Bridget Jones era.

The Taf pub quiz loser

This red flag is a big ick. There is possibly nothing worse you could do as a Cardiff University student than coming last in The Taf pub quiz. I mean, seriously? Last?

If you are ever tempted by the “pour as much as you can” prize, cheap booze and constant noise a Taf pub quiz night has to offer, please at least have some basic general knowledge. Do a few test quizzes with your friends, making sure your team is strong.

If quizzes are not your strong point then save yourself the embarrassment. Go for Madri Mondays instead.

The one in chinos and a blue shirt

Given recent events, this red flag truly deserved a spot. Even the SU recognizes this outfit combo is a red flag which should not be ignored.

We all love a good social, being part of a group independent from your course and housemates. A way in which to make friends while doing something you enjoy. The perfect excuse to go to the SU every Wednesday. Socials are the breeding ground for drunken antics, but when these antics get out of hand it is time to re-evaluate.

Themed nights are a must, but this attire is one for controversy.

So long chinos and blue shirts, you will not be missed.

The serial kisser

A cheeky snog with a club random? We’ve all been there.

A few too many and that four now looks like a ten. Your friends will joke about it the next day and you will feel a mixture of regret and hangxiety. This is a common uni experience.

A serial kisser on the other hand is a whole different ball game. This red flag enters the club with one objective, kiss as many people as they can. Often seen awkwardly dancing around unexpected targets, these people are the reason freshers’ flu is inescapable.

Steal a kiss or two, no worries. The whole club does not need to be attended to.