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Clubbers of the Week: It’s week five and a 9am skive

I do remember my first pint

Halloween outfits are starting to be seen in Lincoln as we get ready for the scariest season of the year. So it’s only fair we look back at the week and see which club photo scared us the most. Storm Babet hasn’t stopped Lincoln from getting their club on so with entries across multiple clubs as always, roll on the weekend.

Album of the week

“Spiffing job by the ‘dee jay’ tally-ho!”

Runners up

Like a Super Bowl walkout. Or a Superbull I suppose

Love is in the air

Hero/Heroine of the week

Hero’s always hold their mates orange VK

Runners up

For always letting your mate have another Stein

YOU’RE the real hero/heroine of this week

Creeper of the week

Imperial Stout. Shaken not stirred

Runners up

Steady on mate on the left

WTF of the week

“The girls will love this”

Runners up

How I expect every person to be when I put on my Clive Christian fragrance

There’s so many captions I have for this one

Squad of the week

Live, Laugh, Bull

Runners up

The Blokes in Black

Stunners of the week

Everybody’s posing. Sort of

Runners up

Someones phone isn’t insta ready

Hes a stunner in my eyes. Because he definitely knows a guy who can get it done cheaper   

Photo credits: Patrick Axe @ Axholme Media Productions

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