Here’s which British chain restaurant Exeter students would undeniably be

You don’t want to be McDonald’s in this scenario

Though it might not rival bigger cities, Exeter has a surprising variety of restaurants and equally as many student stereotypes. In fact, meeting people can be a lot like trying a new restaurant – you have to consider the menu, the overall ambience and even the price before you can decide whether or not you’ll go back. Most of these stereotypes exist for a reason as you’ll inevitably encounter them at least once while at uni, so if you’ve ever found yourself with the (admittedly niche) question of which British chain restaurant you’d be, look no further:

The ‘rah’ one – Pret A Manger

We all know someone like this. The ultimate “Exetah” stereotype is most often seen walking around campus clad in Tom’s Trunks with their MacBook Pro haphazardly slung under their arm as if was a notebook from Wilko. They might exude a confidence and coolness that looks appealing, especially after a long morning lecture in The Forum. However, once they’ve mentioned gap yah abroad for the 10th time in a conversation or casually name-dropped aristocratic family member, they’re usually disappointing just like Pret’s strong coffees and pricey baguettes.

The rugby lad – Nandos

Not wanting to stray far from the regularly scheduled diet of chicken and rice, you’ll find the rugby and gym bros in Nando’s. They’d probably be competing in a macho display of who can consume the hottest peri-peri sauce or taunting the fresher who orders mild lemon and herb. Still, they’re an unavoidable part of Exeter uni life, as much as a cheeky Nandos is a British staple.

The languages student – The Lounge

Determined to bring some international culture to Devon, language students would expect a tapas restaurant. Unfortunately, authentic Spanish cuisine isn’t exactly the forte of most restaurant chains so they’ll have to settle for The Lounge’s small plates. A quick Google reveals Puerto Lounge literally means “port” or “harbour” lounge which sounds romantic, right? The quay isn’t quite the Mediterranean, but anything can be a sophisticated soiree if you have enough imagination and wine.

Humanities girls – Wagamama

The tote bag girlies are exactly the kind of people to enjoy the vaguely bohemian atmosphere of Wagamama’s (as an English student, I admit that their pad thai is my weakness). The highlight of their meal would be taking aesthetically pleasing photos of their food for their Instagram Story and they’d definitely pretend to know how to use chopsticks, until their STEM friend offers them a fork out of pity.

Average Cheesy Tuesdays enjoyer – McDonald’s

Forget the reliable McDonald’s you know from home and expect to be let down by the sub-par Exeter maccies. Going to UNIT 1 just has the same aura as lukewarm fries and broken milkshake machines. In both of these, you’ll be greeted with mediocre food and vibes, bitterly wondering why you didn’t go to Timepiece for its culinary offerings alone.

The TP regular – Five Guys

You deserve a Five Guys if you’ve managed to secure an elusive TP ticket, purely for beating the resellers and scammers. It’s like McDonald’s more attractive counterpart. You might be a little basic and you’ll probably spend an ungodly amount on Venoms, but at least your taste in clubs is decent.

The Cavern fan – Yo! Sushi

If you go feral for a Cavern indie night, you’re the human equivalent Yo! Sushi. You probably pride yourself on your unique music taste to a pretentious extent. (It’s okay, you don’t need to act like you’re too cool for Fever). You thrive on the chaos of the conveyor belt, consider yourself spontaneous and have a crippling individuality complex. Jokes aside, both of these are solid choices.

The BNOC – Toby Carvery

For those who aren’t up to date with the Exeter lingo, a BNOC is a Big Name On Campus. Everyone seems to know them or wants to get with them. If there’s one place iconic enough to represent them, it’s the quintessentially British chain: Toby Carvery. With their huge Yorkshire puddings and potatoes in every conceivable form, there’s something for everyone. Well, unless you’re a vegetarian.

The Fresher – JD Wetherspoons

Too naive to realise that you can replicate the entire Wetherspoons menu at home, silly freshers think spoons is the epitome of affordable dining. It’s predictable and the safest option but a few hungover breakfasts there will eventually force you to venture to more exciting restaurants. Plus, one thing freshers and Wetherspoons have in common is how Exeter is teeming with them.

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