Looking for a last minute Halloween couples costume? These Warwick students have all the inspo

The scariest thing about Halloween is being single

Need immediate inspo for Halloween costumes? Part of a couple that does everything together? Don’t have that much money because you’re a broke uni student? All very, very valid points. Since spooky season is pretty much here and your partner hasn’t offered any great ideas yet, I thought it would be useful to do a little scary round up of Warwick students’ finest couple costume ideas.

They’re fit for a budget, ready to order on Amazon and look amazing (tried and tested – you’re welcome). Effortlessly terrifying. If you’re single though, why are you still reading? Look away – this isn’t for you.

1. Police officer and Prisoner

Classic yet ever-popular, the police officer and prisoner duo never goes out of style.

For the police officer costume: Look no further than your closet. Everyday essentials like a plain black t-shirt and shorts are all you need. So easily accessible, right? Complete the look with a police badge, readily available on Amazon.

For the prisoner costume: It’s as simple as slipping into an orange jumpsuit, which you can easily find for purchase here.

2. Lilo and Stitch

This charming couples costume promises both cuteness and ease.

For Lilo: Simply reach into your closet for a red top. Pair it with a grass skirt and add the finishing touch with charming flower accessories, conveniently available for purchase together here.

For Stitch: Dressing as Stitch is trouble-free as all it requires is a Stitch onesie to complete the look, which can be found here.

3. Devils

This costume is practically an easy DIY project.

Most of the elements can be found in your own closet – any red or black outfit will do. The only thing you’ll need to purchase to top it off is the horns, which can be bought here.

4. Dirty Dancing – Johnny and Baby

Don’t fret – you won’t be lifting anyone over your head in this costume.

For Johnny: Just grab a black t-shirt, slip into some black jeans, and top it off with a pair of sleek sunglasses. Chances are, you already have all of these wardrobe essentials.

For Baby:If a pretty pink dress is hanging in your closet, this costume was made for you. That’s all you’ll need to effortlessly capture Baby’s iconic look.

5. Cavewoman and Caveman

Ready to travel back to the Stone Age in style? This primal ensemble is not just a blast from the past but can be bought as a pair here. A hassle-free, all-in-one solution.

6. Where’s Wally?

This costume is as straightforward as it gets, with just one challenge – can people spot you?

To achieve this iconic look, you’ll need a stripy red top, glasses and a striped hat, all available as a set here. Pair these with denim jeans to complete the ensemble.

7. When all else fails: Clothes swap

If you can’t decide on a costume, simply switch outfits with your partner and claim you’re dressed as each other.

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