This is what degree you should study based on your favourite bar in Cardiff

If you go to Liveys, you definitely study economics or science

Cardiff nightlife is one of the highlights of studying in the city center. Do you feel like you need to have a dance after a long day in the library? Or perhaps you’re one for a spot of karaoke? Or maybe you enjoy a drink with your flatmates. Whatever the reason, Cardiff is sure to have a place for you.

However, some of the best bars in Cardiff tend to have specific audiences. The drama kids won’t typically be seen in the same bar as the sports science students. So, do you fit the stereotype for some of the Cardiff bars?

Live Lounge

Let’s start with the classic bar in Cardiff, Live Lounge. Before 12pm the infamous club is actually a bar with live music. Although Live Lounge sounds fun in theory, there isn’t loads of room to dance and the entry fee does increase on certain nights. But it can be worth it for the cheap pizza slices and tequila shots.

If this bar, and club, is your choice then you’re probably a fresher studying economics or sports science. All the classics are played here and don’t forget the fact it’s open till 4am, you’re sure to have a rough hangover after a night in Live Lounge.


Karaoke, arcade games, cheesy pop music, drag queens and the BEST bouncer in Cardiff (we’re talking to you Mac), Kings is one of our top bars in the city. Now we know the people coming here, they love a fun time and definitely some escapism.

You either study psychology or something in the creative industry, but you probably can’t sing. In fact, the worse you are at singing the more likely are to keep doing karaoke there.

Revolution Cardiff (aka Revs)

The best bar for cocktails and their famous photo booth, Revs is one of our basic bars for all our girlies in the city. Two for £10 all day, every day for students is an added bonus to the bar. Along with the bangers that are played all night and cheap food.

But as this is one for the girlies, we’re going to say you probably study nursing or midwifery. The dress code for Revs also contributes to this as we do love seeing the effortlessly gorgeous outfits here. The £4 photobooth can hurt the bank if you do it multiple times, which I have admittedly done, but you will have a fun relic of your drunken night out for the rest of your life (that isn’t going to haunt you from its digital footprint).

Slug & Lettuce

Slug & Lettuce is again for the girlies and will attract the revs girlies for a drink or two. But the girlies in Slug & Lettuce love to dress a little fancier and are suckers for a cute background for their Instagram photos. So, if this is your go-to bar in Cardiff, you most likely are a social science undergrad, this includes the psych students too. Revs and Slug & Lettuce are a go-to for women in STEM to experience some female energy from the heavily male-dominated sectors.


Porters is a very creative space, but we do see the same people there time and time again. The bar offers different events like ‘open mic’ nights for singers, bands, and/or poets so we can already picture the crowd’s aesthetic.

If you regularly go to porters, you’re for sure into the indie scene and writing poetry in your spare time, which leaves us with the music and creative writing students. Porters is the place to be for a cozy, chill night.


The last bar I wanted to mention, is one I didn’t think I’d enjoy which is Elevens. A sports bar created by Gareth Bale says a lot about the people who go there. They often show the biggest matches here from football to rugby and the F1.

With this in mind, you’re probably a sports science student or someone who loves a rowdy, energic pub. The students that go here definitely have some money to spare though with the food prices and drinks being more on the expensive side with a lack of student-friendly deals.

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