An official guide on where to find the best cheesy chips in Cardiff

Love cheesy chips after a night out? Here are some of the best spots in Cardiff that serve the classic snack

Had a few too many to drink? Cheesy chips. Fancy a midnight snack? Cheesy chips. Treating yourself after a long library session? Probably cheesy chips. They’re everyone’s favourite and have endless combinations – with curry sauce, gravy or chicken goujons on top? Yes please. Here are some of the best spots in Cardiff that serve the classic snack.

T&A Kebabs

As seen on TV, the star of Gavin and Stacey, everyone knows and loves T&A’s. The most obvious answer to a post-Misfits routine, these cheesy chips won’t leave you hungry. It’s super cheap, you can choose between either medium or large, and you might be swayed to pick up one of their many kebabs too …

Location: 4 Miskin Street


A second and third year’s favourite, Mama’s cheesy chips don’t disappoint. With huge portions, these cheesy chips are great value for money – depending on whether you add any extra toppings, prices range from about £4 to £6. The only sad thing about these amazing chips is that most Cardiff students don’t get to experience them until second year- unless they live in Senghennydd, because it is pretty far away from other halls.

Location: 100 Salisbury Road

Food Studio

Perhaps not as well known, but maybe Chippy Lane’s best-kept secret, Food Studio is the place to go. If you’re wanting some good grub after a night out in town, these cheesy chips aren’t one to miss. They are very generous with their student discount and don’t hold back on filling up your plate (aka polystyrene box). If you’re really hungry, definitely add some of their chicken goujons, *chef’s kiss*.

Location: 36 Caroline Street (Chippy Lane)

The Taf

Two words: Dirty Friday. Why wouldn’t you want half-price dirty fries? Although they aren’t your classic cheesy chips, they are a variation and still a student favourite. The mac and cheese topping puts an exciting twist on your usual order, or try the katsu fries- at a knocked-off price and just as delicious. Pair it with a half-price Madri or a Thatcher’s Haze.

Location: Cardiff’s Student Union

Fattoush (rip)