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10 of the quirkiest bars for Notts students to try

For when you’re feeling quirky

Now that the excitement of clubbing is dying down, it might be time to try something a bit more chill where you can actually have a conversation with your friends. Nottingham has an amazing range of some the best bars in the country. You of course have your standard chains like Turtle Bay or Wetherspoons but if you’re a bit bored of the same old stuff then don’t worry, because there are also some really amazing quirky bars here in Nottingham.

Wether you’re new to Nottingham and are looking for all the best local spots or you’ve only got one more year before you graduate, here are all the most quirkiest bars in Nottingham that you definitely have to try:

Pepper Rocks

Pepper Rocks is a fan favourite for many, it has an extensive menu of cocktails and some mocktails for very reasonable prices. As well as all of the house cocktails being £6 before 10pm. Pepper Rocks always comes through, whether for a relaxed night out or something to spend the rest of your student loans on.

Recommended drink: Cherry Bakewell Cocktail.

Secret Garden

Hidden away in the city centre streets you will find the Secret Garden. With a unique atmosphere with both sheltered and heated areas, Secret Garden has a lovely selection of beers and cocktails, it’s a lovely place to go on a warm Nottingham evening for a few drinks with friends or even on a date.

Recommended drink: Sex on the Beach Cocktail.

Rescue rooms

Rescue Rooms doubles as a club night for many students as well as a gig space for many, in the evenings it is a great bar. From indie bingo on Thursdays to acoustic night on Mondays, they have a packed week, as well as a huge variety of obscure beers and ciders, Teapot Cocktails, a good non-alcoholic menu and many more. Plus the addition of two for £10 cocktails Monday to Thursday and until 10pm on Fridays and Saturdays – why wouldn’t you want to go?

Recommended drink: The Berry Pot Teapot Cocktails.

Recommended drink: The Berry Pot Teapot Cocktails.

The Tap House is located in Lace Market and is possibly one of the most interesting bars in Nottingham. For those interested in varied beers, wine and cider, this is the place to go and enjoy a few drinks. As Nottingham’s first self serve bar, it has a very singular experience unlike any other. Whilst they only have a few low/no alcohol options, it is still a lovely place even if just for the experience of pouring your own pint or wine.

Recommended drink: Mango Cider.


Do you even live in Notts if you haven’t heard of Gloryholes? As everyone’s favourite mini golf place, it also doubles as a great place for drinks and a laugh. Unique is the only word that can be used to describe the mini golf and when accompanied by a few drinks and friends it makes for the perfect time out.

Recommended drink: Blue Ballz Cocktail.


As Indie Wednesdays start to get busier and busier, everyone needs their weekly dose of Bodega. With their cool vibes and wide drink selection Bodega is a great choice as a bar. So why not head down for an evening drink whether inside listening to their amazing playlist, or outside in their fairy lit back garden, it’s always a good time.

Recommended drink: Bodega Lager.

The Beeston Social

The Beeston Social is a fan favourite for many, whether it’s for food or drinks it never fails to step up to the plate. With amazing deals from Sunday to Thursday, you can enjoy two of their unique cocktails for £10.95. On top of this once you’ve had your respective drinks you can enjoy some retro arcade games to round out your night, what more could you ask for?

Recommended drink: Twister Cocktail.

Coco Tang

If you’ve ever seen a “Fight Club” bar or a “Burn Book” in a cocktail and thought that’s cool – this is where you want to be. Coco Tang is both a car and a cafe so there are options for everyone. While the immediate shop is the cafe, around the corner you can head down the stairs into the bar for a more ambient scene.

Recommended drink: Fight Club Cocktail.

Magic Garden

It very much does what it says on the tin, it is a magical garden. It’s a cute bar with a variety of drink options especially cocktails, the stylish decor makes it a great place for a nice time out with people because the cute Instagram pictures are never-ending.

Recommended drink: Pear-adise Punch.

Penny Lane

Last but not least, Penny Lane and no it’s not the song. Our favourite bar with a twist, enjoy yourself some drinks whilst playing air hockey, basketball or even in a car race. This bar/arcade mash up is an especially fun place to go whether you want a light evening or to go all out, their menu will cater for everyone with wines, cocktails, mocktails, sharers, and even ice cream floats. This bar never misses, always hitting the spot.

Recommended Drink: Mai-Tai be driving Mocktail

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