Here are five things that are guaranteed to happen on an Exeter Uni night out

If you can get a ticket, of course

Exeter University is famed for its somewhat tragic nightlife, but all students share a mutual understanding that once you stop comparing the party scene to cities like Notts, there is a certain charm to an evening out in Exeter. Will you bump into every single person you have EVER met here? Absolutely. Will you start pres at the ungodly hour of 7pm? It’s most likely. Yet, we still trek out to TP every week, because we know it’s really not as appalling as it’s made out to be. So, here we have an unofficial list of everything that will happen on an Exeter night out – experiences we all share, and what ultimately defines the questionable clubbing scene in Exetah.

1. 1. You can’t get a ticket in the first place

That’s right, we’ve all been there. FIXR completely glitches on your phone and you can’t secure a ticket, not even a 7 to 7.30pm: Rough. After scouring Overheard for the better half of an hour you may be lucky enough to find a ticket, but there’s no guarantee you haven’t been horrendously scammed or landed with an atrociously early entry time. Oh, and it’ll probably cost you twenty quid. Plus, TP is tightening up on re-selling tickets, making it even harder to boogie the night away.

2. Terrible music

Look, I love the occasional cheesy tune, but hearing Love Story by Taylor Swift every week is enough to have me “crying on the staircase” and “begging” my friends to please go home. Every club in Exeter seem to have questionable music choices blasting into the early hours of the morning, and all I’m asking is to maybe reserve Mr Brightside to be played once a night instead of 10.

3. People in costumes everywhere

Would it even be an Exeter night out if there weren’t an abundance of drunken students in poorly put together costumes? Although more common on a Wednesday night, it wouldn’t be strange to see a minion wandering up to the bar or an inflatable dinosaur grooving on the dance floor on any day of the week – social days know no bounds. If you haven’t worn or seen an outrageous costume at an Exeter social or nightclub, are you even a student here?

4. Having your (TP) cup stolen

This one is definitely Timepiece specific, but you know the utter frustration after spending almost £10 on a fairly mid venom, just for somebody to nick your cup so you can’t get the deposit back. If you’ve been a victim of this heinous crime, my advice to you is be that person at the end of the night collecting a stack of cups for future visits. I mean, there’s no shame in that at all, right?

5. Efes at the end of the night

To finish up the evening, what would a night out in Exeter be without a trip to Efes? It really is everybody’s favourite spot for a post night out snack, and who knows? You may even end up on their (nearly) viral livestream.

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