These are the best places to wear Crocs around Cardiff Uni campus

Whether you’re a long-time stan or a Croc rookie, here’s a guide to the best places on campus to rock out with your Croc out

My journalistic impartiality comes into question when the subject of Crocs comes up. I absolutely LOVE my Crocs. I’ve definitely pushed the boundaries of where around campus is Croc territory, and I can now confirm the places that are perfect for a Croc outing.  

Your University Building

The Croc slogan is “Come As You Are”, which is basically perfect when talking about uni buildings. I would argue you could go to any building that doesn’t go past King Edward Avenue but the ideal uni buildings definitely stand at John Percival, Maths, Law and the language department. These buildings barely leave Cathays and a matching tracksuit and croc attire is simply perfect for a long lecture.

The Student Union

The student union is very accommodating to a Croc, whether you’re going for a study session or having a coffee with a friend. Although, I would think you’re pretty brave if you attempted YOLO or Juice in Crocs, even if you have them in sports mode.

The Vape Shop

If you’re a vaper, then wherever you’re based around Cardiff, you already know a vape shop is an ideal place to wear Crocs. My housemates now know our local bossman personally due to their vaping habits, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen them visit the off licence in any other shoe. Comfort is key when you have to choose from the hundreds of vape flavours that are now available. 

For a pint

If you’re an enjoyer of a casual pint after a uni day and want to find a pub where your Crocs will fit right in, look no further. I’m almost positive you wouldn’t get a second look if you wore Crocs in either the Mackintosh Pub or The Crwys. They both give off casual and relaxed vibes, extremely reflective of a Croc. A special mention goes out to The Taf for a Sunday roast and if you wanted to push the boat out, you could definitely get away with The Woodville as well. 

The Arts and Social Sciences Library

The second best place around campus to wear Crocs, in my opinion, is the ASSL. Despite the Arts and Social Sciences Library being in the best location and having 24 hour access, the mood in the ASSL can sometimes be pretty dire. Let’s be honest, no one goes to the library to have a fun time, and if you’re planning to stay in the ASSL for a few hours to start your essay that’s due in 12 hours time then a breathable shoe is a great idea to keep you calm. 

The shops

Easily my favourite places to wear my Crocs, however, has to be Lidl and any of the small Tescos or Sainsbury’s around Cathays. I can hear the conversation I have with my housemates as I type “Oh you’re popping to Tescos? Let me grab my Crocs”, or “God Lidl will be busy we may be there a while, I’ll put my Crocs on”. It just makes sense. If you’ve had your Crocs a while and the bottom is a bit worn out, make sure to throw them in sport mode if it’s raining – this advice DEFINITELY doesn’t come from someone who’s slipped many times walking on a slippery shop floor. 

Hopefully, this inspires some of you to branch out on where you wear your beloved Crocs, or even purchase your own pair (which are priceless, by the way). 

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