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Five last minute Halloween costumes you can source in Selly

If you still haven’t sorted out an outfit for Halloween, Selly has got you sorted

Halloweekend is only a few days a way and it seems to have come around faster than normal this year. As always, the question everyone is asking is, “what are you wearing for Halloween?”. It’s getting a bit late to rely on Amazon Prime, and its hit that point in the year where we’re all waiting for the loan to drop, so here are five outfits you can recreate using items from your wardrobe and things you can buy from the Selly area.

Here are the easiest Halloween outfits for when you’ve run out of time and money:


Prewarning: This outfit will probably not survive a having a VK poured down it, but you’ll look great at the pres.

All you’ll need is an all white outfit, some cheap toilet roll, any black make up, and ideally (but not essential) some bandages. Using double sided tape wrap toilet roll and bandages around your outfit, wrap a bandage around your head, and smudge some black makeup as makeshift “dirt” on your face and across the outfit. If you’re feely extra spooky, a bit of fake blood never hurt anyone. Toilet roll is instantly recognisable as a mummy outfit, so even if you’ve not gone all out everyone will know what you have tried to be.


It’s basic, but it works a charm.

Depending on whether you want to be a black or white angel, you’ll need a monochrome outfit to start. Then head to Poundland, and if you’re lucky there may be a halo or two left in stock. If not, don’t panic! Find yourself the cheapest “bopper” style headband and some tinsel. After you’ve removed whatever is stuck on top of the springs, cut a halo shape out of some old leftover cardboard (I used a box of Stella but any cardboard will do). Using some double sided tape, wrap the tinsel all the way around the halo and stick it to the top of the springs. If you’re feeling fancy, a pair of angel wings will complete the look (I can’t promise they’ll survive a crowded club). If not, the halo alone will make you more angelic than ever.

Queen of Hearts

Queen of Hearts

You’ll need a deck of cards, a red and white outfit, and some blue eyeshadow. Hundreds of variations of this outfit exist, so you can get creative with how you choose to use the cards. Some stick them to headbands, while others stick them together to fashion an entire top. It’s up to you how much time you want to spend hand making your outfit. Once you’ve used the blue eyeshadow to recreate the Queens iconic look everyone should know who you are, and if not, off with their heads!


When done properly, this is an easy way to look like you’ve tried way harder than you have.

You’ll need a white shirt, black trousers or a skirt, and some black boots, to make the base of the outfit. Accessorising is where this one really comes together. Any costume jewellery works perfectly and a black corset to layer will add to the piratey vibes. But, the pièce de résistance, is a pirate hat. If you’ve been lucky enough to take home one of the iconic Captain Morgan hats from a night out this is the perfect time to bring it out, but I can’t promise people won’t try to steal it all night long.


I couldn’t do a list of easy Halloween outfits without including this classic. Find an all black outfit from your wardrobe, use an eyeliner to draw whiskers, and head over to Poundland on the retail park to buy a black headband. DONE. If they’ve sold out of cat ears, grab that left over cardboard again, a marker pen, and some double sided tape to DIY your own. For only a couple of pounds your Halloween outfit is sorted. A black cat is the ultimate, lazy girl Halloween outfit. It won’t win you any prizes for creativity, but it’s a favourite for a reason – it gets the job done wonderfully.

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