I bet we can guess your Halloween costume this year solely based off your degree

Forget the uni work stress, more importantly; what are you wearing for Halloween?

Halloween antics are soon upon us and we all know this is truly the biggest stress of the year. If you can’t think of a costume in time, why not abandon the Pinterest ideas and draw inspiration from your university course?

Film studies

If you’re studying film, you’re bound to have watched or studied an Edgar Wright comedic masterclass, which is why a Shaun of the Dead-esque costume is not only on brand for a frightening Halloween scare, it’s also an excuse to show off your film knowledge and inform people, possibly against their will, of the Three Flavours Cornetto Trilogy that the film is a part of. However, don’t guarantee that if you’re going out you’ll be allowed your bat in the club, after all, a Lincoln night out may seem apocalyptic but its not bad enough to be swinging your bat about for protection.


As obvious as it seems, we all know you’ve already got that transparent trench coat, fake blood and the suit and tie on standby for your Patrick Bateman Halloween. Yes, American Psycho is an iconic film and we understand that you study the complexity of the brain or criminal behaviour, but surely being a full blown sociopathic serial killer gets a bit old for the third year in a row? Be that as it may, I guess if any course knows enough about how to fully embody this costume, it’s this one.


As basic as it may seem to do this year, due to the sudden popularity of chucking a pair of cowboy boots, and a hat and using it as a theme for your night out (or excuse to get dressed up and get drunk), why not try and relate this to your history course by dressing up as a cowboy this year, after all it doesn’t have to be totally historically factual as I am sure a hot pink or rhinestone cowboy look will also be just as effective this Halloween.


You would think that doing an English degree opens you up to a whole plethora of costume options for this Halloween, however, narrowing down just one character from a novel, play or poem may not seem as easy as you think. There is always the option of being the ghost of Hamlet’s father, but even that is too predictable for an English student, so why not try a duo costume as Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and wow everyone who never studied that novel in high school? Or go solo and give in to an oldie but goldie, paint yourself green and go as Frankenstein; at least that way you will have more of a chance of people recognising who you actually are.

Business studies

Why not take inspiration from the Peaky Blinders this year, as dodgy deals and shady alliances sound like business to us. Of course, this would make a great group costume or even a duo, however maybe just leave the questionable gambling and violence aspect of the characters out.

Media studies

We get it – you think Pulp Fiction is the best film ever made, which is why you’re definitely showing up as either Mia Wallace or Vincent Vega this year just like every year. Both are pretty low maintenance costumes if you do decide to do so, as well as getting the excuse to let everyone know what course you do and how they will only truly understand your costume if they watch the film at least five times.


Why not hone your expert criminal knowledge and go as one of the most infamous film serial killers; Freddie Krueger. This costume is as equally terrifying as it is smart as it gives you an excuse to wear his notable red and green striped jumper on a night out to keep you that extra bit warmer during the torrential rain and flooding in Lincoln this autumn.


Although this might be a basic or completely obvious one, going as a doctor or nurse might actually make a lot of sense this year because Halloween costumes or nights out are probably the least of your worries. Course and work wise, you might not have the left over time to carefully craft together some one of a kind costume (and if you do, props to you), but maybe grabbing a lab coat or scrubs and embellishing them with fake blood or even ripping them in some places might give a more “chased through a horror film” look, and even seem like the easier option this year, which to be honest, who could blame you – a lot of the time the last minute costumes are the best.

Whatever course you do or whatever you decide to be this Halloween, we’re sure it’s enough to give even the Superbull bull a run for its money.

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