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Here’s your guide to the perfect Hyde Park Halloween night in

Read on for all the tips you need to enjoy Halloween in the comfort of your own home

It’s the night of Halloween. You haven’t got a costume. The thought of going out in the freezing cold and queuing up for Pryzm has you shaking already. You want to stay in. But what will you do?

If you’re like me, and you’re one of the only people in Hyde Park who isn’t going out this Halloween, then this is for you. I’m going to tell you how to make the most of the night indoors and limit the FOMO.

1. Snacks

Now, first things first. You can’t have a perfect Halloween night in without the snacks. Get yourself down to 24hr Sainos and pick some tasty goodies to get you through the night. I’m talking chocolates, sweets, crisps, whatever tickles your fancy. It’s the one night a year you can dump a disgusting amount of sweet treats at the checkout and have the perfect excuse. They’re for trick or treaters, right? If you want to get creative with your snacks, check out BBC Good Food for some inspiration.

2. Film

So, you’ve secured the scran, now we need the movies. Luckily, we’ve got a lot of options here.

If you’re into your jump scares, then you really can’t go wrong with something from The Conjuring universe or Insidious series. Maybe you’d prefer some old school horror like the classic Halloween, or basically anything Stephen King. With any luck, the screams will block out the noise from the endless house parties on every street. But for all you babies out there (I’m talking about myself here) then maybe opt for a family friendly movie that won’t have you sleeping with the light on. Hocus Pocus, The Nightmare before Christmas, Coraline, the list is endless and all perfect for your Halloween night in.

3. Drinks

Eye of newt, tongue of dog… not your kind of cocktail? Okay. Well let’s think of something else. Now you don’t need to get your cauldrons out for this. Make a trip to Booze Bin and gather your friend group for a make-your-own Halloween cocktail night, where each person makes a spooky concoction of their own – see an excellently spooky example below.

Get your Practical Magic on and have some midnight margaritas (top tip: if you start watching at 11.12pm you will hit this scene at the perfect moment). If you’re not a big drinker, you can’t go wrong with a nice hot chocolate with all the trimmings for a cosier night in without the hangover the next day. Nothing is scarier than that if you ask me.

4. Suitable Halloween-inspired activity

Let’s get crafty. No, I’m not talking about witchcraft. What better than the ultimate Halloween craft of pumpkin carving.

Any shop within a five mile radius is selling pumpkins right now, so go grab one before they’re gone. If you want a more authentic experience though – and a great Insta opportunity – head to Horsforth pumpkin patch (W End Ln, Horsforth, Leeds LS18 5ES) and pick your own.

Now, this isn’t for everyone, so if you’re not looking to get your hands dirty, then you could try this viral TikTok hack from @derya.tavas.


little ghost lights👻✨✨

♬ original sound – ʀᴇᴛᴜʀɴɪɴɢ 9/1/24

All you need is some toilet paper, some fairy lights, a black marker pen and some PVA glue to make the cutest ghost lights to set the mood.

Now you have all the ingredients for a perfect night in. Set the mood with the festive decorations you’ve made and light some candles. If you want your room to smell of  autumnal goodness, or you want to feel like you’re bathing in a warm pumpkin spice latte, I’d recommend this amazing bath and oil burner melt from Lush. Yum.