These are officially the scariest things you can encounter as a Cardiff student

And we’re not just talking about the queue for Yoloween

Halloween can be an exciting but scary time for Cardiff University Students. The chaos of Halloweekend rolling into Yoloween is a recipe for carnage, but that’s how we Cardiff students like it.

From cleaning up the kitchen after your Halloween pre’s to falling down the Cathays railway bridge stairs, Cardiff University can get seriously spooky. We’ve put together a guide of the scariest things you will encounter this week, just so you know what you’re in for.

Last minute costume shopping at The Joke Shop

Forgot to source a costume? Amazon prime won’t make it in time? The Joke Shop is your trusty lifeline for any outfit required. But the queue is NO joke. The later you leave it, the longer the queue.

The best last minute tip if you’re too scared to face the queue is costume rotation. You’re only a flatmate or housemate away from a costume you can simply swap or borrow off. Sharing is caring.

Your kitchen the morning after you hosted pre’s

Pre’s always seems like such a great idea. Halloween drinking games, the classic “what are you dressed as?”, “love your costume” being thrown about. It really is all fun and games until you’re the ones having to clean up the morning after. The only thing being thrown about then really is your mop and a whole load of fairy liquid. And of course a note of refusal to clean from your Taly cleaner.

A blue shirt and chino combo

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll know from recent news that this famous combination speaks for itself. If you’re look for a last minute costume, this scary classic has got you covered. But definitely don’t wear if you’re planning on heading to the SU, we know how that turns out.

Cathays wildlife

Image may contain: Person, Human, Hamster, Pet, Rodent, Rat, Mammal, Animal

Is it a rat, is it a mouse, is it your housemates smelly hamster? Well it’s certainly not Batman, but I wouldn’t rule bats of the equation. Cathays is prone to all sorts of wonderful and surprising creatures.

Walking over the Cathays railway bridge

Day-or-night this bridge is daunting. It really is no mean feet if you make it down without falling. Particular scary circumstances to look out for when crossing- rain or very simply walking over after a Taf Friday. Those half price drinks can do scary things to your footing.

Waking up in a Taly room that’s not yours

They just look so similar, that is until you wake up to see an unfamiliar poster or plant hanging from a shelf on the opposite side to yours. Your head begins to clear and you have the scary realisation that you’ve woken up in a room that’s not your own.

Cathays bin day

All the scarier during Halloween. The likes of the dressed up Spidermen see bins as their obstacles, smashing through them on their way to Yoloween. Tread safely out there-you never know what you’re stepping on.

Flatmates tin-foiling your room

Hilarious, until you’re on the receiving hand. Certainly scary to walk back home into a tin wonderland. And no areas left untouched-Door? Shoes? Bed? All beautifully wrapped for your surprise. Get your flatmates back and wrap up the culprit in the tin bedding and call it a day-Tin man as a costume.

Circuit laundry trip

You’re definitely going to need a trip to the Circuit laundry to wash out all that fake blood off your costumes. What’s scarier than a circuit laundry trip? Circuit laundry stealing your money. Press wisely before you realise you’re missing items in the load.

A 7:45 queue for a Wednesday night Yolo

It really is scary for the Yolo queue to be this long at such an early time. Spooky, spooky times. Strap yourself in and let’s hope for a less scary queue this Yoloween.

Hopefully this guide has prepared you for the best kind of a spooky Halloween. After reading this, there is nothing that you won’t be prepared for.

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