Trying to get through Wednesday socials as a non-sports student at Newcastle Uni

Wednesday nights shouldn’t be just for sports teams

The famous, well-known sports Wednesdays are what students across Newcastle look forward to every week. From students saving themselves for the biggest drinking night to going all out in costumes (wearing a nappy in your initiation or dressing up as local farmers), you’ll always end up sweaty in Soho or TupTup, even if you don’t remember how you got there.

However, for some of us who don’t do a sport, Wednesday nights remind us of incredibly niche outfits and terrifying rugby teams.

The dreaded FOMO

Don’t get me wrong, I love Wednesday nights out, but it can feel extremely exclusive when you’re not part of one of the big sports teams which plan these socials. Not to mention, the constant pres and booming house parties around Jesmond reminding me that I’m not a part of this.

Yes, I’m not forgetting that there are other sports which are much cheaper and don’t require try-outs. But most of these don’t have the “amazing” socials which the competitive sports teams do.

Expensive memberships

It’s not that I haven’t tried to get involved. I have been to a couple of try-outs where you need “no experience”, but let me tell you, if you’re an un-sporty individual like me, you feel embarrassed to have even turned up in the first place.

And for some, it’s just another reminder that not everyone can afford to pay and get involved in these Wednesday nights out. Some sports memberships and competitions can cost around £400. I don’t know about you, but I don’t have that amount to spare in the cost of living crisis. So, why does uni provide a whole afternoon off for Wednesday sports events when some of us aren’t involved or can’t afford to pay for this?

Balancing university work alongside the commitment to a sport

Whether it’s training for sports or having a game, they can take up a lot of time – up to three or four days in the week alongside uni. However, uni is often an afterthought as it’s worse to miss a game or training than a seminar.

How can one be an academic weapon and sporty? Asking for a friend x

We’re all out here trying to get a degree and also keep up with sports. But, you can’t have both it seems..

Wanting to tag along with pals

First, don’t just sit in and find people on your course if your whole house, like mine, is sporty and go out with them- there are no rules on who can go out. Or tag along to your friends’ socials and meet them out. I’ve done this many times and you can still have the best nights out, without having to actually do the sports.

Secondly, you could catch up on any work, and take it as a night off, which is less fun, but trust me you will feel much better when you’re not struggling to look at the light when hanging in your Thursday lectures.

Societies you don’t need to try out for

Of course, you might want to actually be involved. So, a few of the societies I have found where you don’t need to try out or join are (but not limited to): The Athletics Team, Equestrian Society, Dance Society and Ski Society.

There are ways around this, but when will there be less of an emphasis on being a sports student at uni and more of a night for everyone to enjoy and be involved in? I’ll be waiting…

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