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Quiz: What you should dress as for Halloween based on your vibes as a York student

Time to start making a last minute panic costume

The day of Halloween is literally hours away now, and whether you’ve been planning your costume for months already, or you’re still not sure what to dress up as, or you’ve been to a party every night this Halloweek and you’ve completely run out of ideas, this quiz can tell you the perfect costume for you. If you’re still looking for a costume, I wish you luck, as the queues for the costume shop are going to be longer than you’ve ever seen. However, you may simply need to sacrifice an afternoon for the sake of looking amazing on the day. Either that, or just try to throw together anything you can find, even if it means ransacking your housemates’ rooms.

With so many great options for costumes out there, choosing just one idea can be overwhelming, so, just in time for the big day, this quiz will help you decide, based on your vibes as a York student.

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