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Autumn at Warwick: How to spend your spooky season in the West Midlands

Deadlines may be building up, but surely there’s still time for pumpkin picking?

The academic workload is hitting hard and the constant Coventry rain is not helping the campus mood either. Amongst the storms and course stress, Autumn term can easily become a real drag.

For me, however, this Autumn at Warwick I am trying to learn the art of slow living and sleepy Sundays. When I have time to put down my laptop and switch off social media, I have been embracing all the cringiest trends of this spooky season. From pumpkin patches to movie nights, I have re-discovered the art of slowing down and enjoying the small, hidden beauties of the end of the year.

1. Pick a pumpkin

There’s nothing more authentically autumnal than pumpkin patches. From farm shops to specialist seasonal parks there are so many places in Coventry, Kenilworth and Stratford to choose your perfect pumpkin. Not only does this activity allow you to then live out your creative pumpkin-carving dreams but it is also a real steal for the Instagram feed too.

2. Grab a pumpkin spiced latte

Once you have your pumpkin, surely you also need the ultimate seasonal coffee too? Whether you get the Starbucks original, the Pret version on campus or the budget remake at Greggs, once you grab your first Pumpkin Spice Latte it’s impossible to not order another. It may not be the favourite of hardcore coffee critics but all the sugary, cinnamon goodness of a PSL is the perfect cure for the Monday blues.

3. Go on a chilly autumnal walk

If you’re brave enough to head off campus, there’s actually a lot of natural beauty in the local area to explore on your days off. From walking along the river in Stratford-Upon-Avon to beautiful parks in Leamington there are so many places to visit wrapped up in a scarf and enjoy the changing colour leaves. On top of this, we also study near some beautiful historic sights – both Kenilworth and Warwick castle are great places to explore on a grey afternoon with friends.

4. Thrift your winter wardrobe

As you head into November, it is soon fireworks season and there is no better place to celebrate Bonfire Night than at uni with friends. If you do not fancy risking your life and deposit on DIY fireworks in your own garden, there are plenty of beautiful spots to enjoy a firework display this autumn. From castles, to rugby grounds there are so many locations in Warwickshire holding events with fireworks, fairgrounds and food stalls this autumn.

6. Don’t cook

As the long, dark autumn nights draw in, every now and then it’s nice to lay your Jamie Oliver skills to rest and treat yourself to something new. If you don’t fancy paying to sit in a restaurant, then street food is a great way to try lots of new dishes from different cultures. Both the Wednesday Food Market on campus and Autumn market in Leamington Spa house an array of food stalls/trucks which are great for hot food options as the months get colder.

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