Here are six last minute Halloween activities in Warwick if you’ve still got no plans

Nothing more spine-chilling than a dead Halloween

Halloween today and still no plans? It’s the same story every year. All is not lost – there’s everything from spooky club nights out to cozy nights-in to join the frightful fun. So text your friends and say that the plans are back on. Get dressed. Whip out the makeup brushes That is, unless the reason you have no plans is because you have no friends. In that case, I’m sorry. Nothing we can do here.

1. A spooky cocktail night

Put on your witches’ hats, grab your cauldron, and brew up a storm because there’s always chances to drink with friends. But this isn’t just any pres, this is cocktail night. Grab your nearest and dearest, google some quick spooky recipes (or just wing it) and cook together a delightful batch of scary drinks. Honestly, cocktail nights are most fun when you kinda just add whatever into your drink. Three shots of vodka when the recipe says one? Now that’s terrifying.

2. Halloween season at the Student Cinema

This Tuesday, Thursday and Friday the Warwick Student Cinema are playing some classic Halloween flicks on the big screen in L3 Science Concourse. There’s the parody horror film The Blackening, and classics like Silence of the Lambs and Shaun of the Dead on show so take your pick. Tickets are £3 for members/ £4 for non-members so buy a ticket on the SU website or on the door and enjoy.

3. Kasbah Club night

If clubbing in Coventry wasn’t scary enough already, Kasbah is hosting their big Halloween party on Tuesday, doors 9pm. There’ll be deals on drinks, giveaways and fancy dress is a given, so comb through TikTok for last minute costume ideas and pull something together. Or, check out some cheeky tips on our articles for some cool get-ups. Don’t worry about being ahead of the curve either, there are no advanced tickets needed so say trick or treat and just buy your tickets on the door.

4. Horror movie night

Don’t fancy going out? Get together with your mates and choose a selection of scary movies to piss yourselves watching – whether that be from fear or from laughter. Make a night of it – that means dressing up, bringing themed food, and having serious debates about which of your friends would die first if they were in the Purge.

5. Scary sweet treats

What says Halloween more than eating enough sugar to send your body into a serious shock? Grab a box baking mix and jump in that gross kitchen of yours to whip up some Halloween themed cakes and cookies. If genius isn’t striking then go for classic candy-apples, do a quick run to Tesco’s (or your overpriced supermarket of choice) and grab some wooden skewers, apples, chocolate, and sweets/ biscuits. Stab the apples with the skewers, melt down the chocolate and coat the apples. Then roll the chocolate-covered apples in your crushed sweets or biscuits so that the toppings stick. Then leave to set in the fridge and hope for the best. If you insist on being traditional you could try coating the apples with melted sugar to make toffee apples instead, but don’t blame me when the scorched sugar ring on your kitchen floor loses you your deposit.

6. Trick or treating (duh)

Now do I think this is a realistic option for someone old enough to stand for MP? No. But for old times sake, wouldn’t it be funny to see the lengths you go to before giving up? Most definitely.

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