Here’s which new Troye Sivan song best suits your Lancaster faculty, based purely on vibes

Troye Sivan? You Just Got Me Started!

Any long standing YouTube fans from back in the 2010s will remember the beginnings of Troye Sivan’s musical career with the release of Happy Little Pill back in 2014. Now, almost a decade later, Troye has debuted his third studio album Something to Give Each Other on the 13th October, and, although I’m biased, it’s banger after banger.

Whether you’re a die-hard Troye fan or have never experienced the pure queer joy of his music, it’s about time you let his vocals bounce through your ear drums and take over your brain. Not to worry if you aren’t sure where to start! Here are some recommendations based on your faculty at Lancaster.

Social Sciences – How to Stay With You

Social scientists are one of the more thoughtful groups of students that inhabit Lancaster, and they will question their personal lives like how they question the many readings comparing Functionalism to Marxism. This means that just like Troye, their relationships are often the focus of their pondering, and this song will be the perfect soundtrack to contemplating whether to dump him or not.

Law School – What’s the Time Where You Are?

Law and criminology students are no strangers to having their heads stuck in articles, cases from the 1800s, and legal jargon, often losing all sense of time getting lost in Bowland North. Due to their 4000 lectures, seminars, and workshops per week, they have no time for an in-person relationship and often find companionship online and will resonate with Troye’s international love interests.

Management School – Rush

Management students make up a large percentage of the student body, and Rush makes up the majority of streams on Something To Give Each Other with over a whopping 148 million streams on Spotify. It’s a high-energy song that will get your feet moving quickly enough to make it out of Management’s long corridors and through the South Spine crowds in time for the 100.

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Linguistics and English Language – Silly

I’ve heard from insider sources that LAEL students are silly.

Humanities – Honey

Although humanities students often get stuck studying the past, it’s important they also look to the future of music, and Troye is only just getting started. Much like humanities students, Honey often gets overlooked as it’s one of the final tracks on the album. It’ll also apply to your studies as in the lyric “I see love in every space, I see sex in every city every town”, Troye is covering his historical knowledge of love and geographical locations of where sex is readily available.

Art and design – One of Your Girls

If you haven’t seen the music video for this song then you’re missing out. It speaks for itself as to why One of Your Girls is art. Troye Sivan in drag belongs in a gallery.

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Sciences – Still Got it

Admit it. Science students have always been naturally good at sciences, and when it came time to deciding what degree to choose, they stuck with what they knew. Now they’re two years deep in their degree they’re still trying to prove to themselves and others that they “Still got it”.

DELC – In My Room ft. Guitarricadelafuente

DELC students like to flaunt the fact that they know multiple languages and this song is the perfect excuse to show off. Featuring Spanish singer/songwriter Guitarricadelafuente singing Spanish verses, they can fully appreciate the true meaning of the song and impress their friends without having to go on Genius to figure out what it means.

Engineering – Can’t Go Back, Baby

Engineering degrees are notably hard and take a lot of time and dedication, which means that many engineers will burn out during their three to four years at Lancaster. But, as Troye sings about in this sampled track, they’re already in too deep in their studies, and it’s too late to decide on another career path.

Computing – Get Me Started

Anyone who does computing as their degree must be absolutely in love with anything to do with technology. This also means they will favour electronic dance music and Get Me Started is tailored just for them. Sampling the famous Shooting Stars by Bag Raiders, anyone who has devoted their time to the internet will certainly recognise the melody in the chorus.

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