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Take this spooky quiz to find out which Lancaster icon you should dress up as this Halloween

Are you a Norma or a Sugarmouse?

It’s officially Halloween, and Lancaster students everywhere will have been coming up with the best (and sometimes laziest) costumes that Sugar has ever seen. You might have made plans with your flatmates, signed up for a work night out, or just decided to use some lipstick as fake blood and tag along with whatever plans everyone else has made, but either way most of us have some sort of plans for spooky season.

We’ve taken the stress out of last minute costume ideas by compiling a quiz that will tell you exactly what you should dress up as this Halloween, and every option is a Lancaster icon that everyone will recognise. Just tell us your Halloween plans for 2023, and we’ll give you a Lancs icon that is deserving of your ghostly ganders.


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