Here’s all the best Bonfire Night events happening in Exeter

Start November off with a bang

With all the Halloween excitement over, a lot of us are feeling the comedown effects. If you’re no longer obsessing over what costume to wear, how are you procrastinating? Good thing Bonfire Night is fast approaching, meaning the autumn fun isn’t quite over yet. Grab your gloves, your scarves, perhaps even your post-Halloween situationship (it’s a canon event we can’t interfere), and take yourself to see some fireworks: Maybe even cheat on the TP burger van this weekend. If you’re wondering where to venture, look no further: Here are all the best Bonfire Night events happening in Exeter that you don’t want to miss.

Saturday 4th November: Westpoint Arena

If you’re really wanting to go all out, Westpoint Arena are boasting “a spectacular pyrotechnical display synchronised to the music from The Greatest Showman”, all hosted by Radio Exe. Sounds perfect for any of you drama students out there, and there’s also going to be fairground rides. Tickets are available on the website here, and come with some really convenient transport options so you don’t have to stress about getting there and back. They won’t be available on the door, so make sure you run, don’t walk, to get them secured for Saturday.

Saturday 4th November: Double Locks

For many of us, Double Locks is a location which lies dormant over the autumn and winter months. But why not grab a pint with your mates in front of a cozy bonfire and firework display? There’s going to be live music kicking off from 5.30pm, which surely makes it a winning option for those of you looking for a boogie. You can take an autumnal stroll along the quay to get there, or if you’re feeling lazy (or a little drunk on the way home) you can now catch the train to and from Marsh Barton. Tickets are likely to sell out, but can be bought here.

Friday 3rd November: Exmouth Rugby Football Club

If you’re already busy with plans on Saturday night, RNLI are hosting fireworks at Exmouth Rugby Football Club this Friday. The trip only requires a cheap and easy train journey, and tickets to get into the event are only £5: You pay more for a drink in The Vic. Also who wouldn’t want to watch a firework display by the sea? If you can’t hack the cold, be sure to wrap up warm and splash out on a hot chocolate while you’re there. Ticket information here.

Friday 3rd November: Topsham Rugby Football Club 

Perhaps a more rogue one, but why not turn a day in Topsham into a Bonfire night celebration? Topsham Rugby Football Club are hosting their own Bonfire and Fireworks display. We couldn’t find much information about it, but it’s always good to support local organisations, and aren’t the best nights when you don’t know what on earth is going on? Some information can be found here.

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