Layers, layers and more layers: This week’s top Edi Uni fashion trends

ECFS x The Tab Edinburgh: Back and better than ever

Even though midterms are in full swing, this hasn’t stopped Edinburgh students from showing up to the library dressed to the nines. Edi winter truly is coming and as temperatures drop, we’re loving seeing students find creative ways to layer up whilst still expressing their individual style.

Here are our top looks from this week:

1. Colour coordination

First up, we have Kinga, who is absolutely killing it with this look. Loving the cohesiveness of the red throughout, especially with the matching tote bag and scarf.

 2. Statement piece

A fluffy hat is always the move. Styled with a matching brown distressed jacket, this look is giving the ultimate fall girl. 

3. 2000s forever

Just because temperatures are dropping, doesn’t mean you have to retire your beloved cowgirl boots. This look is keeping the trend alive and well with these gorgeous baby pink kicks, paired with a long chic coat and 2000s inspired top.

4. Knitted hoods

From the orange birkenstocks to the matching mittens and coat, I’m obsessed with this look. She’s even staying super on trend with the knitted hood, making the outfit that bit better.

5. Layers and textures

With so many grey days here in Edi, adding pops of colour into your looks is crucial. A vibrant red vest, paired with a patterned crossbody, yellow top, and of course tights underneath the flowy skirt bring a bit of fun to the rainy days.

6. Fun coats

The popular theme of layers we saw last week is still going strong, in addition to mixing various textures and colours within your outfit. The baggy blue jeans, white t-shirt and baggy jumper are paired with a boxy leather fur jacket to spice up what would otherwise be a very classic look.

7. Ballerina core

Puffer jackets and boots are forever a fan favourite here in Edinburgh. Loving the addition of pink ribbons to add some colour.

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