Our favourite Halloween costumes in Glasgow this year

Putting my Poundland costume to shame

Halloween is officially over for another year but before we start putting Mariah Carey on repeat, here are our top costumes from the students of Glasgow in 2023.

The Belle of the Ball

Lucy, fifth year international business and Spanish at Strathclyde

We are blown away with this amazing Belle, from Beauty and the Beast. You definitely were the Belle of the ball.

Woody and Buzz

Libby (Buzz), and Eilidh (Woody) are second year Scots law students.

Dressed as one of the most iconic duos, you’ll have gotten a lot of praise. But most importantly you got a night off from Andy.

Wee aliens from Toy Story

Grace (Left) and Hannah (Middle) are second year students studying genetics and law, and Holly (Right) is a third year marine biology student.

Clearly, they were excited to have been chosen by THE CLAW!!


Open photo

Ben (Back Left) is a veterinary medicine student, Alfie (Back Middle) is a medicine student, Tom (Back Right) is a Russian and politics student, Ailsa (Bottom left) is a teaching student, Nona (Bottom Middle) is studying creative arts, and Anna (Bottom Right) is studying Scottish literature.

Now if I didn’t know any better I would assume this is a snippet right out of the movie, this was a really good group costume, however I just want to know how long it took to get it off.

Murder on the dance floor

Amy is a second year psychology student.

This is a new costume in this year’s Halloween but we love it. From the knife, to the sequins dress, and the blood this is the perfect outfit to bust some killer dance moves to.

Mia Thermopolis

Hannah is a second year accounting and finance student.

This is such an iconic outfit, I mean who hasn’t watched The Princess Diaries this is a great portrayal and all in all a favourite.

Dr Who

Jennifer is a third year psychology student.

Now, Dr Who is also a new costume this year or in popularity anyway. It’s super fun and a fan favourite.

Little Bo-Peep

Holly Lee is a fourth year history and philosophy student

Now, Dr Who is also a new costume this year or in popularity anyway. It’s super fun and a fan favourite.

Little Bo-Peep

Holly Lee is a fourth year history and philosophy student

As one of the most popular TV shows in 2023, this costume is amazing. It is a very good outfit for a medical student as you have scrubs on deck.

Wizard of Oz

These second years are Jenny (tin man)studying physics, Emma (Dorothy) studying law, Lara (scarecrow) studying physics, and Arsalan (lion) studying computing.

An iconic group if I ever did see it. They better have followed the yellow brick road to the best Halloween night.


Emily is a second year archaeology and history student.

This is a really good Joker costume, and the smile just really sells it.


Lucy is a fourth year physics student.

As a lover of Star Wars, this is high in the best costumes. Executed perfectly and in the iconic Ashton Lane, all that must be said is may the force be with you to recover from the hangover.


Helena is a second year English literature and film studies student.

This is an absolute favourite, it can’t help but make you smile when you remember the iconic movies. Although you are the villain, you make it look great.


Eva is a third year studying Scots Law.

A classic done well! Who doesn’t love being the prom queen, even with the blood.


Pete is a PhD student studying gender history and Stephanie is a third year veterinary student.

Yes, yes yes. These are great, I mean who doesn’t love anything to do with The Lorax?? Although the chopping down all of the trees may have been a bad move…


Amber is a first year geography student and Jenan is a first year zoology student.

Everyone beware, the police are on patrol. Only kidding, but seriously these are great officer costumes.

That is it for the best Halloween costumes of 2023, now you have just under a year to prepare to blow us away.

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