See what The Tab Lincoln writers wore for Halloween this year!

Who do you think was best dressed?

Seeing what ghost or ghoul your friends picked to dress up as for Halloween is one of the highlights of the spooky season, and the writer’s team at The Tab  Lincoln did not disappoint. The team joined in on the Halloween celebrations with our own spooky, and for some of us silly, costumes. Here’s what we all wore for Halloween this year.

Grace – Editor in Cheif

A platypus? Perry the Sexy Platypus? The vibe here was “recognisable children’s TV character but make it sexy”. I think I failed successfully.

Louie – Features Editor

Wanted for promoting The Tab too much with his costume. But while we appreciate the brand rep, he doesn’t get points for originality with the orange prison jumpsuit.

Holly – News Editor

The purge is always a winning costume for Halloween, the perfect mix of cool and scary. She gets extra points for the DIY bloody shirt.

Amelia – Social Media Editor

Going for a classic horror movie monster is always a fun way to really feel scary on Halloween. But its Amelia’s make-up that sells the whole outfit for me.

Greta and Fran – Writers

If you don’t spend your day watching BBC shows, you might not have recognised this amazing double costume with Kerry and Kurtis from This Country. I am so impressed with the show-accurate skull t-shirt and Reebok jacket.

Emily – Writer

The DIY costume skills are obvious here and I’m in awe. Any gamers here might recognise Emily’s adaptation of Lady Dimtrescu from Resident Evil Eight.

Ellie – Writer

The cosy Hufflepuff energy in this outfit is the envy of anyone dressing up for Halloween at home this year watching horror movies.

Kelsi – Writer

Here’s one for all you cult film buffs out there. A Pulp Fiction costume is a perfect way to show off your great taste in movies, and Kelsi’s Mia Wallace brings a glamour to being a film nerd.

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