Best Halloween costumes 2023: York edition

We’re the best dressed in the country – fact

York is known for being the most haunted city in the UK – I mean, the queue for the Shambles ghost shop could tell you that much. This means that York students just have to be the best dressed for Halloween. It’s a law. And if I’m gonna be honest, you didn’t disappoint this year. This is what happens when students get a whole weekend to dress up in the scariest city in the country…

Alvin and the Chipmunks

Starting off with the scariest of them all… Alvin, Simon, and Theodore. 10/10. Love the outfits, hair, makeup and most importantly, the ears.


Remy and Alfredo Linguini. We all know and love them, and this costume does not disappoint. Amazing!

Salt and Pepper

It’s the tinfoil hats for me. 11/10. How do you even come up with this?

Sophia Grace and Rosie

This is too good. Can you imagine being in the club in a pink tutu and tiara?

Mario Kart characters

Mario and Luigi is always a great costume, never mind when the rest of the group join in! 10/10 for these girls, and an extra point for the matching trainers.

Boris Johnson?

Boris Johnson at the Labour society’s Halloween social (obviously).

Rowan from Bake Off

York Uni’s own Rowan sadly left the Bake Off tent last week (Halloween costume incoming). This guy has done such a good job with his costume that you’d literally think it was Rowan himself…

Harry Potter

Let’s be honest, should have been Voldemort x

The classics

Classic duos are hard to beat. From black cats, to angels and devils – York isn’t short of these duos on Halloweekend, and we love it.

The finale

No comment, but we’ll leave you with this one x

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