Here’s what your favourite club song says about you as an Exeter student

For all the self-proclaimed pres DJs out there

A wise man once said that a person’s music taste defines their soul. That wise man was me, and with Spotify Wrapped right around the corner, today we’re taking a dive into what exactly your top club tunes say about you, as an Exeter student.

Perhaps you’re a proud dnb sesh head, best found grooving in Move to something best described as “loud” or maybe you’re more of a Cheesy’s fan and no stranger to belting a few tunes even mummy and daddy would call vintage. Maybe your taste in club tunes is a little more niche (hey, no one’s judging – yet). Whatever your preferred party piece happens to be, read on to find out precisely what we think this says about you.

Bonkers by Dizzee Rascal

One for the cheese enjoyers and rave heads alike, if your favourite club song is anything by Dizzee Rascal, then nostalgia is probably a stronger drug for you than any boozy pres or pub crawl. Maybe age is a sore subject (four years at uni is a long time), or you simply prefer clinging to the days of primary school discos — regardless, there’s nothing wrong with a little boogie to some old school bangers.

Sprinter by Dave & Central Cee

Let’s face it. You’ve spent a long time pretending mummy and daddy aren’t lining your pockets with that juicy trust fund dough, and maybe even dressing like it too. If Sprinter is your favourite song, you likely aren’t a stranger to other hits by Dave or Central Cee either — although it might be an idea to halt your pursuit of that Soundcloud rapper career and maybe spare a second for that economics degree. Hey, no one’s judging – or listening.

Cruel Summer by Taylor Swift

Either you’re a frequent enjoyer of Salsa Tuesday at Timepiece, or those memories of your gals trip to Barcelona last summer haven’t quite lost their magic touch yet. Regardless of whether you know all the words or not, if Gasolina is your top club track, you’re likely no stranger to a solid time out — even if it’s for the fourth time this week.

Paint The Town Red by Doja Cat

TikTok really got the better of you, and now your music taste is defined entirely by what’s dominating your FYP. Maybe you strive for relatability and desperately want to keep up with the latest Exeter trends, or perhaps you simply pick your favourite tunes based on what’s up there in this week’s top streams — either way, there’s nothing wrong with a little blending in, even at the expense of your own thoughts.

Drum and Bass Father by Devilman & DJ Looney

Either your friends secretly dislike your music taste (and won’t let you within 10 feet of an aux cable at pres), or adore it — in which case, their own preference in party tunes probably isn’t far off. If Drum and Bass Father really is your favourite club song, perhaps you consider yourself to be something of a resident Fever room one DJ or maybe you really do just suck at reading the room. I mean, blasting DnB over the speaker at 8pm on a Monday evening is making that 10:30pm entry ticket seem very, very far away. It’s best to save this one for personal listening.

Sk8er Boi by Avril Lavigne

Sometimes we all like to imagine we’re reliving our punk rock and pop-punk youths. Alas, if Sk8er Boi is your favourite club song, you’re probably best found in either Fever’s room two or Cheesy Tuesdays (or perhaps emo night at Cavern). It’d be bold to assume you enjoy living life on the rebellious side, though. It’s more that you, like many of us, like to reminisce upon the good old days before deadlines, bills and flatcest. Punk rock isn’t dead (yet).

Gangnam Style by PSY

Need I say more? If 2012’s biggest hit is your favourite club song, maybe music is a little less of a concern for you. Perhaps the deathly silence of the Loft is more your style when studying, or maybe you simply enjoy being a little rogue — either way, a review of that Spotify Wrapped playlist is in order. Hey, at least you can show off your masterful grasp of all the words at 2am when, for some ungodly reason, the DJ decides everyone needs a little sobering up and those notorious first few notes begin to play. Go figure.

What Was I Made For? by Billie Eilish