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Spooky fashion: The official round-up of Warwick Uni’s best student Halloween costumes

From Dorothy to Barbie, someone roll out the red carpet

Now that Halloween has come and gone, it’s time to say goodbye to the pumpkins and bid hello to the snowmen. But before Christmas content comes rolling around (I’m glaring at Tesco right now because why are Christmas cards on sale already, get a grip), we should all take a minute to reflect upon spooky season.

It gave us frights, it gave us delights, but most importantly, it gave us fashion. That’s right: Star-studded, Warwick-esque, gothic horror fashion. Because what is Halloween if not the perfect opportunity to get dressed up? So, I’ve created a little round-up of my own handpicked selects of Warwick Uni’s best student Halloween costumes. Someone call those fancy fashion mags and tell them not to worry – The Warwick Tab has got it all handled.

The Wizard of Oz

Here, we have the whole gang. We’ve got Dorothy, her human-sized dog Toto, Glinda, the scarecrow guy and I think that’s the Tin Man over there, looking… metallic. We love to see it – the backdrop really sends me right back to that very trippy childhood movie.

Ali G

Yo yo yo, it’s Ali G in da house. I love this guy. Possibly one of my favourite guys in comedy (and he hasn’t even been active), this Ali G costume has been nailed. This might actually be the real Ali G himself. And if so, someone let me know how I can talk to him – I’d happily be interviewed by this legend.


Hey Barbie! This outfit slays so hard, it’s bound to give Greta Gerwig a run for her money. Although, it looks very (and I mean very) cold to have been worn outside. Especially with this random storm passing by at the moment. Nevertheless, this Halloween costume serves, not scares. And I think that’s a great thing.

Carmie from The Bear

Speaking of cooking something up and serving, this little chef duo really did just that. What other unique duo costime is there? Everyone else is just too basic, and I’m looking every single Mario and Luigi dead in the eye as I say this. Remy and Linguini have that unbreakable bond as an iconic pair, and these costumes just don’t fall short.

Sally and Jack from The Nightmare Before Christmas

It wouldn’t be a Halloween costume round-up without a scarily adorbs couples fit. These two absolutely nailed it with this – the colours, pinstripes and makeup? A match made for Halloween for sure. It’s also a classic spooky movie, so can’t go wrong.


It’s everyone’s favourite rapper (throwback rapper, rather). That’s right, that one guy you haven’t heard on a pop tune in around forever, the guy named after a scary dog – my man Pitbull. Timber is a certified banger though, I’ll give him that. This costume is even better.


A classic superhero with a spooky twist – Spider-Gwen. I saw far too many Spidermen this year, and quite frankly I’m sick of it. You all look like you’re wearing Spidery PJs or a child’s onesie. Get out the way, it’s Spider-Gwen’s turn to slay. And that’s exactly what she did. The red contacts? Webby make-up? Incredible.

Dorothy again

Another lovely spin on Dorothy and the Tin Man – it just doesn’t get old. From the blue ribbons to the metallic sleeves; checkered iconic dress to the shiny two-piece, this classic get-up is straight from a fairytale.

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