The best spots for hangover food in Glasgow at the moment

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Glasgow is a busy student city with student life both at day and night time. Student life at night can be busy and often involves drinking, if it is a social, sub-crawls or just a pint with friends.

When waking up after one to many drinks, you would often crave something to soothe the aching headache and hungry stomach. But where should you go?

Three Brothers Burger

If you feel like something meaty, greasy, and at a fair price, then Three Brothers Burgers is your place to go.

Just off Woodland Road in Glasgow’s West End lies the local burger bar that is filled with a variety of food. For under £7.50, you can get a big burger filled with different toppings. But fear not, if burgers are not your thing, then they have wraps, fried rice, strips, and wings as other options, all under £10. This place is perfect for all meat eaters, vegetarians, vegans, and halal eaters and can be delivered to your door if you feel extra lazy.

Shawarma King

If you are looking for something more Mediterranean, Shawarma King is the place to go. Just off Merchant Street in Glasgow, you can find an affordable and delicious shawarma shop to satisfy your cravings.

For £10, you could get a great meal with both a shawarma, chips, and a drink, served by friendly staff. If meat is not your preference, then they have several vegetarian options as well, with mouthwatering falafels and salads. Being open from 11am until midnight, it’s perfect for both lunch and a late-night snack.

Falafel To Go

If you are looking for something non-meaty but can still satisfy your hangover cravings, then I would recommend Falafel To Go. This little corner shop right on Buchanan Street offers some of the best shawarma central Glasgow can offer.

For £5.50, you can get a filling falafel wrap with delicious hummus filling. The little corner shop’s charm can remind you of a stand from a movie. Being open in the afternoon, it is perfect for a grab-and-go on your way home after a long day out.

The Merchant Chippie

After a night out, something like fish and chips could often soothe the hangover itch. Although Glasgow is filled with chippie places, Merchant Chippie stands out from the crowd. Being close to Merchant City, it is a perfect snack after a long day partying in Glasgow Central. You can order online as well as at the place, and you can get a scrumptious piece of fish and chips for £10.

Four Corners

Not being one place, the Four Corners are located between Argyle Street, Union Street, and Jamaica Street in the middle of downtown Glasgow.

It consists of four fast food chains: Pizza Hut, McDonald’s, Tim Hortons, and KFC. It is perfect for a midnight snack on your way home from the club and can satisfy everyone’s needs with various food choices. It’s a win-win for everyone!

Taco Mazama

If your hangover cravings lean toward Mexican food, then this Glasgow-based Mexican food chain is your place. This chain serves fresh and tasty burritos, tacos, empanadas, and salads with a 10 per cent discount for students. It is perfect for meat eaters, vegans, and vegetarians who want to satisfy their hangover cravings. The chain is located in the City Centre, Sauchiehall Street, and Byres Road, making it available for hungover students all over Glasgow.

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