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These are the six best places to wear Crocs around Exeter Uni’s Campus

It’s time to rock out with your Crocs out

As a past Crocs-hater, I can understand your potential disgust at the thought of Crocs being someone’s chosen footwear to trek up Forum Hill. However, the versatility of the Crocs makes them the ideal shoe choice for many locations on campus, ensuring both comfort and style.

Whether you’re going up Cardiac Hill or strutting through the Forum, these once ridiculed shoes have undergone a transformation from fashion faux pas to functional footwear. Yes, they might be slightly offensive to the eye but, in the end, it’s the satisfaction of happy feet that really counts. So, here’s all the best places to to wear your Crocs so that it’s not just the Co-op that gets to see those beauties.

1. The Forum Library

Whether undertaking a serious study sesh or heading to The Law Library for a catch up or a gossip, comfort is key. What better source of comfort than Crocs to wrap your feet in a warm embrace? It makes the pain of that 3,000 word summative far more bearable, trust me.

2. The uni gym

Attempting a pretty challenging upper body day at the gym? Pop your Crocs into sports mode and have the best workout of your life. Not only do they make the strenuous walk up the hill more tolerable, but their breathable nature makes them ideal for letting off some steam! But, I wouldn’t encourage ANYONE to wear them on a treadmill.

3. Your lecture hall

girl sat on steps of uni

When running late to your 8:30am, the Croc is your best friend. Their comfort mode makes them easy to slip on after rolling out of bed and helps you to head straight out the door. No more will you find yourself hungover and weary, attempting to remember how to tie your laces; Crocs will have your back (or should I say your feet). They have a slip on simplicity, letting you stumble through your post-TP morning with minimal effort and maximum comfort.

4. Pret

If you enjoy a Pret baguette or just fancy staring at the hunky Pret man, why not do it in your Crocs? They’ll be your trusty sidekicks, making sure your feet are as content as your taste buds while you savour that sandwich or eye up the pastries (or employees).

5. The Marketplace

girl on the floor of a shop

Crocs are ideal for freshers popping out to get some last minute alcohol for pres or those who are after that late night sweet treat. They’re fuss-free and perfect for quick trips to the shops in any weather, because when your flatmate shouts “I’m going to the shop, do you want to join?”, you don’t have time to deal with laces or slippery sandals.

6. The Ram

If you’re a fan of a post-library pint or even partial to a midafternoon curly fry break, do it in your Crocs. As far as I am aware, the Student Union is extremely welcoming of Crocs and the relaxed environment of The Ram means that no one is likely to give your footwear a second glance (and if they did, I am sure they would be envious). In my humble opinion, the Croc should be rebranded as the official footwear of academic refreshments, given their incredible suitability for this task.