Watch out Exeter: This is what your university road says about you

Forget star signs, this is the real personality test

Exeter student housing is a real mixed bag, where no bills are EVER included and the houses are either daddy’s money, approaching absolute squalor or just miles away from campus. With this, uni roads can tell a lot about the typical Exeter student. Is it possible to get the ick from the road someone lives on? In Exeter, the answer is yes. So, whether you’re on Pennsylvania Road or all the way at Mount Pleasant, here is what your uni road says about you.

Pennsylvania Road

Pennsylvania is an absolute classic that everyone knows. A very safe choice but perhaps not very adventurous. If you live on Pennsylvania, you’re more likely to get a ham sandwich (no mayonnaise) in your Tesco Meal Deal. But with Co-op as Pennsylvania’s epicentre you probably just end up there, along with everyone else you’ve ever met at Exeter. Unless you live in one of the massive houses then its only Waitrose and M&S for you, we wouldn’t want to disappoint mummy now would we?

Union Road

If you live on Union then you’re tactical and organised. Being prepared for the Exeter housing market has rewarded you in the long run, with your road so close to uni that you can rock up to your lectures five minutes before AND you have free parking – what more could you want? All these benefits without the grime of your neighbouring roads (looking at you Vic Street).

Howell Road

One of my favourites. If you live on Howell road you probably really like swimming considering how much it floods. You don’t mind noise with the amount of traffic that always blocks the road up and the train station being right next door. But with Black Horse round the corner and TP only five minutes away, you’re the life and soul of the party, leaving at the latest possible moment your ticket will allow.

Mount Pleasant

Mount Pleasant is one of those roads that you never see unless you live there. Listen, we get it, you missed out on all the best roads and now you’re stuck 30 minutes away from campus, but hey, at least you get some exercise. If you live on Mount Pleasant you’re probably one of those students who take taxis to campus every day, but if you can afford it who can blame you?

Vic Street

You know the absolute squalor I mentioned earlier? Yeah, welcome to Vic Street. If you live here, you most likely think you’re cooler then you are and see your road as the social hub of Exeter, when in reality it leaves little to be desired. Sure, you’ve got the Vic pub but at what cost? If you live here then you probably like to follow the crowd, are laidback and don’t mind not showering for a couple days.

Old Tiverton Road

Don’t let the rainbow in the photo above fool you, if you live down here you’re either a football fanatic or a bit mad. Being so close to Sidwell Street you’ve probably built up a strong awareness of your surroundings and don’t let your guard down easily. You probably enjoy Cheesy Tuesdays at Unit 1, but never forget to look behind you on the way back home, unless you’re a man of course.

Mowbray Avenue

If you live on Mowbray Avenue then you’ve won. Also known as “Mowslay” Avenue, you work hard but you play hard too. Also, with the prison two minutes up the road, you like to live life on the edge. The hottest and coolest girls live down this road, and no, I’m not biased xx

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