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What your Cardiff Uni halls says about you according to a third year

Because you’ll forever be questioned about this for the rest of your uni life

No matter which accommodation you chose for first year halls, you’ll be known by the classic stereotypes associated with each one until you graduate. Honestly, there’s nothing that reflects who you are as a student more.

Even more importantly, if you’re in Taly, you will be judged by other Taly residents former and present about which area you chose. You might not think it’s important but it’s basically the same as asking what your core beliefs are in life (okay, a bit dramatic but you get our point).

Hodge Hall

You either love a pint and deliberately chose an accommodation 30 seconds from the Woody or you’re smart and chose to be close to the ASSL where you know you’ll be making the most of its 24 hour opening and spend most nights cramming to finish your assignments.

Gordon Hall

You’re probably studying a super smart degree like maths, computer science or engineering and you spend most of your time playing video games. You only emerge once a day for your catered hot meals or perhaps for a tabletop society to chat about Dungeons and Dragons.

Senghennydd Court

Lovingly known as Senghetto, and for non-Welsh speakers the name and pronunciation alone of this accommodation terrified you. However, as a fresh 18-year-old craving the club you knew the quick 10 minute walk back from town after a night out would be worth the microscopic size of your flat and the railway line that’s practically inside your bedroom.

Clodien House and Aberconway

Sorry but does anyone actually live here?


Your halls application was most likely filled out by “daddy”. He wanted you to continue your all-girls private school experience into university life with zero access to even a trace of testosterone.

Despite the building looking like a filming location for St Trinian’s or Harry Potter, it would take more than that to get freshers to actually want to live here.

Roy Jenkins

You’re a medical student on a budget who wanted to be close to campus but you’re now regretting it as you’re stuck in an accommodation with couples and families.

I don’t know what’s worse about these halls, the location meaning you’re practically a Met student (ew) or the kids shouting and screaming outside whenever you’re hungover.

Colum Hall

So close to Taly, yet so far. While you do have an extra few minute advantage walking to town and campus, you know your prison like accommodation will never be as fun as your nearby counterpart. If you’re anything like these halls you’re easily forgettable and always wishing you were better.

Student Houses

You’re fresh out of sixth form and still obsessed with year nine house parties so you purposefully chose an accommodation where you can get hammered and ruin the place without any pestering from mum and dad.

Uni Halls

Bless, you’re a romantic optimist who takes cute pictures of your ice-cream and the rose gardens in Roath park, but deep down you’re coming to regret your shared flat of 18 and the trek to campus.

At least you’re social and enjoying the lively parties, despite everyone knowing they’re only alright because none of you want to hike 50 minutes to the club.

Taly Court

You’re a good mix of friendly and chill and you’re well aware of your privilege, high class halls, and five minute head start into to town but do all these advantages really make up for the lack of parties, and boring vibes?

Taly Gate

Sorry but the nickname “Tory-Gate” says it all.

Taly North

Despite being sociable and confident, you’ll forever wish you were in Taly South, sadly realising you’re the cheaper, more rundown option who will never be as good.

Or, maybe you came to uni on the pull and are satisfied with your deliberate choice of halls which means you can happily gaze out your bedroom window and scout out potential lovers on the sports pitch.

Taly South

Ah Taly Southers, you’re loud and social and definitely one of those lucky people who always gets what they want, living your best life in the clear winner of accommodation.

The only thing you’re jealous of is Taly Court having sofas in the living room and the fact you definitely won’t get any sleep for the year, but that’s only a small price to pay for this student favourite.

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