The ultimate guide to music in Notts this November

If music fuels your soul, this is for you

November is like the awkward middle child between the artsy, upstanding Halloween and the self-righteous, uber successful Christmas. The weather is grey and every day feels the same as the last, while term slogs on and everyone feels they need a little pick me up. Enter live music, sure to provide a cathartic, feel-good experience that brightens the darkest of days and gets even the moodiest of housemates grooving. Here are some of our recommendations for live music in Nottingham.

Weyes Blood, Rock City: 14th November

Blending her angelic vocals with sweet psychedelic folk, Weyes Blood (pronounced Wize Blood) has been lauded by both critics and the public for her exceptional songwriting. Make sure you stay for the song A Lot’s Gonna Change, a personal favourite of mine. She’s a truly inspirational artist and it’s likely she won’t play in Nottingham again any time soon as her popularity soars. Get your tickets here.

Hejira – Celebrating Joni Mitchell, Metronome: 16th November

Our queen, Joni Mitchell, has been responsible for some of the most beautiful and influential music of the last century. Hejira is a seven-piece band set up especially to honour the works of Joni Mitchell. Let’s face facts, it’s unlikely you’ll ever see Joni live these days, so get tickets for the next best thing here.

Stereolab, Rescue Rooms: 16th November

If you’re a fan of the Avant-Garde, this Anglo-French Pop band is for you. Stereolab were responsible for some of the most envelope-pushing music in their heyday back in the 90s, and anyone privy to their genius will be nothing short of ecstatic to hear that they’ll be playing in such a cosy, personal venue. Their 1997 album Dots and Loops is a classic and a great place to start. Tickets are sold out at present but more will be released soon so join that waiting list!

Scouting for Girls, Rock City 17th November

There’s surely no one who wouldn’t want to scream She’s So Lovely at the top of their lungs. This one is worth going to simply for a bit of childhood nostalgia. There was a time in the mid 2000s when you couldn’t go an hour without hearing them on the radio. Your inner child will thank you. Tickets are available here.

McFly, Rock City: 21st and 22nd November

This band really needs no introduction. Another one for you youth, 2000s heartthrob boyband McFly will be performing for two nights at Rock City. Let’s hope they’re not sick of singing All About You by the end of the second night. Tickets are selling out fast so be quick – they’re available here.

Leona Lewis, Royal Concert Hall: 28th November

November is clearly the month of childhood throwbacks. X Factor winner Leona Lewis, famous for songs like Bleeding Love and Better in Time is performing in Nottingham. Performing at the prestigious Royal Concert Hall, this is not one to miss. Get your tickets here.

Mooch Live – Thursday evenings from 7pm

Do these other concerts sound a bit expensive? Are they too much of a trek? Well, get down to the very local Mooch on university campus and support some of the very finest acts coming out of the university. While you’re supporting some hidden gems, experience the all-new and improved Mooch. Very fancy.

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