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Which is the best flavour of Pint of Fun at Glasgow University Union?

The definitive review and ranking of the different Pints of Fun

Pints of Fun. A Glasgow University staple. I mean, are you really a UofG student if you drink but haven’t indulged in the pricey rainbow wonder that is a Pint of Fun?

For the unordained (literally how?), a Pint of Fun is VK, with two shots of vodka, topped off with lemonade. Your choice of VK determines the flavour of your Pint of Fun. It’s a pint’s worth of liquid and it’s fun, hence Pint of Fun.

The drink is GUU tradition, even QMU have gotten in on the action with their copycat, Pint of Heaven. Same drink but made with WKD, not VK, so cheaper but has fewer choices and worse flavours. Three choices, Scottish (Irn Bru), Pick-Me (Pink Gin) and Basic (Blue).

A proper Pint of Fun is still very much a GUU thing, with the union giving out free Pint of Fun posters at Freshers’ this year and even establishing a Pint of Fun mascot.

The mascot is a source of controversy, with many wondering why it even exists. But the Pint of Fun is no stranger to controversy. For years students have moaned about the cost of a Pint of Fun.

You know it’s pricey when you ask a union representative to check your facts and they say, I think you’re right. The current price is £6.30 (probably). It is, I asked at the bar. But probably the biggest controversy around this infamous drink is which flavour is superior!

First, we have the “Rainbow”. The traditional Pint of Fun flavours. If you ever hear someone talking about completing the rainbow, it is drinking every one of these (disclaimer: Do not do this in one night, you will end up in A&E).

We also have special editions. VK releases seasonal flavours, like blueberry, peppermint or this year’s chocolate orange. Come along at the right time and you may find a few have snuck their way in. If the bar isn’t too busy and you’re charming enough you can also get a customised pint of fun.

Popular customisations are Reef or Hooch instead of VK and Dark Cherry. A black cherry pint of fun but with Coke instead of lemonade. Or you can go off the reservation and customise it. Normal customisation stuff, add coke, not lemonade, switch vodka for rum, or some have Reef with water for no bubble.

Popular customisations are Reef or Hooch instead of VK and Dark Cherry. A black cherry pint of fun but with Coke instead of lemonade. Or you can go off the reservation and customise it. Normal customisation stuff, add coke, not lemonade, switch vodka for rum, or some have Reef with water for no bubble.

Here they are ranked from worst to best.

10. Reef

Satan. It’s disgusting. You can properly taste the booze (unlike VK). It’s like hooch. Ew. Frowny face. Eternal judgment on those who claim to love it.

Verdict: Gross, if you like it please don’t speak to me

9. Green (apple and mango)

Apple and mango (commonly known as a “Green Pint of Fun”) is perhaps the most hated flavour on campus, save Watermelon. Called “evil” by a friend I mentioned it to. However, it looks cool and I am grown up enough to admit its beauty makes it the perfect party drink. It’s serving potion but it’s still gross and if you drink it on the regular you are a child.

Verdict: Do you want me to call someone?

8. Orange and Passionfruit

An orange Pint of fun. Iconic for certain. The GUU’s aforementioned mascot is an orange Pint of Fun. Often raved over. Orange is overrated and basic. I said it, I don’t regret it, I’m not wrong about this.

Verdict: Basic and pretentious about it (no one actually likes orange the best, next you’ll be telling me that orange is the best Jelly Baby)

7. Blue

The perhaps most iconic choice on our list. An enigma wrapped up in a mystery, topped with a dash of wonder. The blue Pint of Fun is just that, blue. It tastes blue, not blue raspberry but of the colour blue.

People who say it’s their favourite are just scared of controversy. Also, my friend Hannah requested I add that blue is a flavour for children, those who drink it should not have been served as they are children (not literally). And to be fair, if you’re ordering blue, you are just drinking a primary colour with bubbles.

Verdict: Basic

6. Watermelon

Queen. The Taylor Swift of Pints of Fun. Constantly ambushed by haters, lovers will fight tooth and nail to back their love. Watermelon is great. If you don’t like or at least respect Watermelon, get out, you’re wrong.

Verdict: Controversial. If you’re bold enough to claim this as your favourite then you are a brave individual comfortable forging your own path

5. Tropical Fruits

Slightly less basic than orange, but still naff. If I wanted tropical I’d have Tropicana and get some vitamin C at the same time. Too much pineapple. Would work with coconut.

Verdict: Pick Me. You’re trying to be fancy with your choices but no

4. Strawberry and Lime

I mean there’s more interesting flavours but it’s good. Sweet, fruity, you can’t go wrong. Admittedly a tad basic, if you’re spending that much on a drink do you really want strawberry over one of the more interesting fruity flavours? It’s probably the red equivalent of blue, but it’s somehow not juvenile. I don’t know, maybe because it’s a fruit.

Verdict: Perfectly fine, not marriage material

3. Black Cherry

Lush. Cherry, is always good this is no exception. A top-tier, mature flavour that manages to be sweet and yet not sickly. Black/dark cherry is a mum flavour, like pistachio. Enjoyed by cherry lovers and cherry haters alike (at least in my circles), cherry is premium content.

The red wine to ice’s white wine, cherry is classic and classy and will even give you red wine mouth.

Verdict: Simple, good, timeless. Finds the equilibrium of fun and seriousness, much like its drinkers

2. Ice

With its cloudy white colour and uninformative name, you’d be forgiven for not knowing what an ice Pint of Fun is. With lemon flavoured VK, this choice is a silent favourite. It’s not as flashy as some of the other options but I’ve never met anyone who didn’t like ice.

It will never be the Taylor Swift, never have an army of fans ready to defend it. But there is no shame or controversy in choosing ice as your favourite, it’s inoffensive, dependable, good. It’s the Olly Murs of drinks, loveable, but not something you get into a fight over.

Verdict: Ice is classy. A classic drink for classy people: A Pint of Fun’s white wine equivalent

1. (Raspberry and) Peach

It’s underrated as all hell. Most of its haters have never even tried it. Probably because they know if they did, they’d have to admit they were wrong. Like Peach Schnapps, it is a gift from God. Honestly, I have a friend whose entire relationship is built on the foundation that we both love Peach Schnapps at a party. It’s what we talked about through our awkward get to know you phase because peach is the best, that’s why it’s in drink and on flan.

Though the raspberry probably does something, no one remembers it’s there but the peach is iconic, flavourful, fruity and fun, more than making up for it.

Verdict: Heaven. Anyone who’s anti-peach has either never tried it, or is in the peach-loving closet


Orange and tropical are basic flavours for basic people. People who love them by on large haven’t tried any other flavours.

Green and blue are children’s drinks. The people who regularly choose them are children and should never have been served in the first place.

Pink/red spectrum flavours are underrated and fabulous! Like Barbie, think pink (Watermelon).

Finally, I would like to disclaim that the photos here may feature a tropical Pint of Fun, but that in no way means I am endorsing such behaviour. I’m cheap and my friend made choices.

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