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Forget the alphabet, here’s an easy A-Z that every Durham student should know

How to do Duz best x

Whether you’re a keen fresh or an anxious finalist, it doesn’t really matter. Deadline season is looming so let us kickstart your revision with the Tab’s ultimate A-Z guide to all things Durham.


With pubs shutting at 12am and clubs at 2am, this is the only way the party carries on! Defo not recommended if you want to make it to your 9ams.

Billy B

You’ll vow to spend more time here than your bed. May as well set up camp for third year.

Charity Fashion Shows

College or otherwise, Durham does it best! Where the runway meets fundraising – looking good and doing good. A unique opportunity to get wasted and spend far too much on Versace Crocs.

DJ Dave

Need I say more? The icon himself. The man behind the beats that single-handedly keeps the Durham dance floor alive.


The procrastinator’s nemesis, where last-minute genius meets caffeine fuelled survival. To all STEM students who can’t relate, just know we all seethe with jealousy in summative season x

Fresher’s Flu

Where coughing in lectures becomes a contagious form of participation.


The best part of formals! The one outfit that turns you from an ordinary student into a graduation-ready scholar with the flip of a hood.


Get ready for a workout just walking to class with Durham’s scenic but steep streets. It’s called cardiac hill for a reason.

Interesting college food

The gourmet experience you never asked for but will certainly remember (and probably can’t wait to forget)


The place where “I’ll just pop in for a quick one” turns into a night dancing, questionable decisions, and blurry memories.


Another Durham classic where you embrace the sticky floors, eclectic music, and wild crowds. We are truly proud to have Europe’s worst nightclub (thanks to the one that burnt down).


Basically the Durham boy’s tinder. Help.

Menty B        

Basically the Durham boy’s tinder. Help.

Menty B        

Nights out

Where students turn into nocturnal creatures with degrees in dance and questionable life choices.

Obby Hill

The mythical challenge of climbing this hill at sunrise after a ball, testing your sobriety and determination.


The whole of Durham culminates here at 2am every night. Don’t worry, you probably won’t remember you were ever there, and that might just be a good thing.

Quiz nights

An underrated staple of Durham nightlife. If you want to put your PhD to use, go to the Elm. If not, Colpitts is a personal favourite to show off some knowledge and win prizes.


A species commonly found in Durham. Often seen frequenting the Bailey or chopping champers at a ball. Shotgun optional, Schoffel less so.


Classic first date spot. Test their compatibility with carbs, if they pass, it’s love at first bite 😉

The Tab

Your go-to Durham news source! Where everything you never knew you needed to know about student life is just one click away.

Urban Oven

Conveniently located close enough to Claypath to cure 3am hunger pangs but far enough away to enjoy a refreshing nighttime stroll home with kebab in hand.


A second year’s housing haven. Where the search for decent house feels like an epic quest, and you might just end up sharing the place with some delightful furry flora and fauna.


The notorious concoction that dares you to embrace the double shot of vodka and VK. May lead to an unforgettable night or a hazy memory. Proceed with caution.


Nothing is more uniquely Durham than bumping into your ex far too often. Extra points if it’s before an early morning lecture.

Year abroad

The great vanishing act of many second years. As soon as they hear the word dissertation, they run to Europe or even further. To my year abroad friends, I am very jealous.

Zesty wine

Every student’s secret to making every evening a bit more enjoyable.

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