Five ways you can be more sustainable as a Notts student

Be a part of the change – sexy people save the planet

Right now, as students, it may seem hard to escape the doom and gloom that surrounds the issue of the environment, and it’s easy to feel a bit hopeless. However, it’s important to realise that even the smallest changes can make the biggest difference.

From reusable coffee cups to the dreaded paper straw to getting lost in the endless hours spent scrolling on Vinted and embracing the “hot girl autumn” walks, there are a number of ways in which you too can do your bit in becoming a sustainable Nottingham student. Here is a rundown on all the ways you can transform into the best eco-conscious version of yourself:

Fast fashion is out

We are incredibly lucky that Nottingham is home to an extensive array of charity shops, second-hand clothing stores, and vintage shops that all offer a range of fashionable and often cheaper alternatives to high street brands. Borrowing or swapping clothes with your friends or housemates is also another great way of freshening up your wardrobe without feeling guilty or breaking the bank.

Let’s be honest, nothing is more environmentally friendly than reusing your housemates’ Ocean outfit from last week. I also understand the pressure to keep up with all of the latest, seemingly never-ending viral fashion trends that dominate your feed. So, the next time you lack wardrobe inspiration, why not head into town or delve into your neighbour’s wardrobe? You never know what you may find.

Use public transport

When life gives you lemons, ride a lime bike. Electric bikes and scooters are a great and sustainable way to travel across Nottingham in style. Implemented by Nottingham City Council, this scheme aims at reducing carbon emissions and hopes to help Nottingham become the first carbon-neutral city in the country. Buses, trams, bikes, and, of course, walking are all brilliant, different modes of transport that can help achieve this feat. In this regard, we are spoiled for choice. Leave the car, congestion, and air pollution behind and be a part of the change.

Reduce, reuse, recycle

We have all heard the saying before, but it has never been easier to adhere to. Reducing the amount of waste we produce can be as straightforward as investing in a sustainable alternative to the single-use disposable items we’re all used to. Think glass tupperware, beeswax wraps, reusable water bottles, and coffee cups—all items that we can implement into our lives at no great cost to use but at a great benefit for the environment. Did you know that through the Latte Levy initiative, you can enjoy a 40p discount on all beverages across campus if bought with a reusable cup? It’s a win-win for both your wallet and sustainability. It also may not always seem like a top priority, but taking that extra minute to check whether your baked bean can is clean or that your plastic bottle finds its way to the right bin can make all the difference. Remember that well-informed environmental choices, no matter how small, can have a profound impact.

What’s on your plate?

Cutting down on meat and dairy is recommended as one of the most effective ways an individual can reduce their impact on the planet. You can easily achieve this by making mindful choices in your weekly shop or daily meals. Try incorporating more plant-based options into your diet or designating a couple of meat-free days into your meal plan. Nottingham also boasts a fantastic number of vegan and vegetarian-friendly restaurants and cafes that will be sure to satisfy any cravings. The Crocus Café, Prickly Pear, and Café Roya are great, to name a few.

Simple lifestyle changes

Finally, there are a number of really simple ways to help alter your lifestyle habits at home to embrace a more sustainable way of living. Buying and using natural cleaning and toiletry products, washing clothes at a lower temperature, and keeping an eye on the heating/tumble dryer use are all subtle ways that can do a great deal. It seems obvious, but turn the lights off.  It’s also always best to try and shop locally and seasonally when possible. Refill-zero-waste shops are often fantastic places that will be able to cater to all of these needs. Shop Zero in Nottingham offers a great selection of essential home products, including food, cupboard essentials, cleaning/toiletries, and lots more.


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