Mega Munch to society boys: These six things guaranteed to happen on every Notts night out

Nottingham nightlife is really one of a kind

Nottingham is renowned for its nightlife and there’s a reason why, a night out in Rock City or Ocean just does not compare to any other in another city. We have all the best clubs and the best students, which can make for some very interesting moments whilst your out and about with your friends and there are some moments you just simply cannot escape every time you go out in Notts.

From sweaty society boys to the best takeaway spots: Treat this as your bingo card to the guaranteed Notts night out experiences and see how many things you can scratch off before you stumble back home.

Sweaty society boys

Picture this; a swarm of blue shirts with gold and green ties patrolling the balcony of crisis. Typically, they are seen with a blue VK in hand coupled with buckets of sweat and perhaps a bit too much testosterone. On a Wednesday night, you cannot ignore the flock as they trip and fall on their way from a social where they undoubtedly bullied their freshers into drinking a bottle of port or worse.

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Missing your 10pm club entry

Pres are a crucial element to any night out, they really can make or break your experience. However, sometimes pres can be a little bit too good. Next thing you know, the clock is saying 11pm and you are 15 minutes past your entry time. What follows is an assortment of drink downing and Uber ordering all so that you can make it to the club.


No matter the day, time, or night club of choice you are guaranteed to witness far too much pda. Whether that be in the middle of the dance floor or tucked away in corner booth, I don’t think I’ve ever successfully been on a night out without seeing two tongues winding together for far too long a period. However, PDA can be extremely entertaining. Especially when it involves a brightly painted, sports society fresher imprinting their luminous green paint onto the unsuspecting partner.

Wind scooters

The difficult temptation of scootering back or to a night out is a tricky one. On one hand your journey time gets cut in half plus you get the excitement of being on a scooter! On the other you could get done for drink driving (three points on the licence to be exact). Again, it would be very tricky to go on a night out without witnessing a few too many drunk students speeding down Derby Road trying their hardest not to catapult off onto the pavement.

There’s always one person who doesn’t make it past pres

Without a doubt, there will be one person in your party who takes it way too far at pres. One minute they appear sober, the next they’re stumbling and slurring their words. It is then down to you to make the tough decision to tuck them into bed or allow them to attempt a night out.

Getting that post night out Mega Munch

I know we are in a cost-of-living crisis, however, when you are on a night out any good sense of money saving you may have goes out the window. The temptation of a Maccies or a good burger just trumps any food you may have at home. A special shout out to my new favourite Dahlios, next to Rock City, who do the best drunk pizzas.

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