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Here are the best places to watch fireworks in Durham this year

Baby, you’re a firework

We all know Durham is a small city, but this could prove an advantage when it comes to bonfire night. You don’t have to travel far and wide here to see some fireworks. You could probably even enjoy from the comfort of your doorstep. Let’s take a look at some places in Durham where you can watch the fireworks this bonfire night!

1. Durham Amateur Rowing Club

Get ready to illuminate that DARC sky with fireworks this bonfire night. This is an affordable option with tickets coming in at £2.50, so the only bank you should be concerned about is finding a place on the riverbank and to stare at the lit up sky. Trust me, it is so worth it. The sad news, however, is that if you haven’t already got yourself tickets for this event it’s not looking good. Who knew that it would be harder to watch fireworks than go to the Era’s tour.

2. Your own garden

Do not fret if you haven’t secured tickets for a firework show, hope is not lost. Head down to Tesco and make your own show from the comfort of your own home. Granted, a spacious back garden in a student house is a rare find so for the sake of your deposit, do not try this from your viaduct courtyard.

3. Observatory Hill

This is the cheapest option this bonfire night and you will see a vast array of fireworks, including the events you failed to get tickets for. Budgeting genius. You can also witness fireworks others are setting off from their gardens and it is quite the view, despite the potential chaos. The hike up there is certainly worth it.

4. Beamish Hall Hotel

If you’re feeling a little more boujie this year, you could head up to Beamish where you can enjoy street performers, DJs, and fairground rides. However, this trip is going to cost you the wages of a four hour shift, so it might only be for the more committed firework watchers.

5. Rainton Arena

If you’re thinking about reliving your DUCFS fantasies, head to Rainton Arena while it’s open for bonfire night. Strut up to the field, pose in front of the display, and remain fashionable always. Just don’t forget to tip the designated driver who is putting up with you well.

6. Jimmies

Different kinds of fireworks can be found here during Angels by Robbie Williams, but they remain a spectacle nonetheless.

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