If you wear any of these five items on Cardiff’s campus then you need to sort yourself out

Prepared to make some enemies with this one

Let me start by saying that we’re not here to shame people’s fashion choices, wear what you want to wear. At the same time, there are a few things that we would love to see just a little less of around campus.

Starting with…


If you wear one of these, you want everyone and their mum to know you went to private school. You’ll probably pair it with a farmer’s shirt, maybe a signet ring and a mullet, and think you’re the height of fashion. You live in Cathays now, no one thinks you’re cool.

Nike Tech tracksuits

Central Cee wannabe, you think you’re a roadman. When in reality you’re probably from Devon, live in a semi-detached house in the countryside, and own a golden retriever. Maybe switch it up?


Probably the most controversial one, as I know many people have a strong emotional attachment to their Crocs. Honestly good for you if you really love them, and yes they are a bit funny. But respectfully, they’re not fashionable. Whoever told you they are lied to you big time. Bonus points if they’re full of Jibbitz, bonus points meaning this is even worse.

Leavers hoodies

You left school about five years ago, I think it’s time to let secondary school go. Not too much to say about this one, except enough is enough. you’re at uni now, even Cardiff University merch would be better.

Blue shirts and chinos

This one had to be mentioned, because if you’re wearing blue shirts and chinos, and starting scraps in the SU queue, you do truly need to get a grip. Realistically you’re probably a rugby fresher who’s just done their first triathlon and now your ego is through the roof,  but someone needs to tell you to sort yourself out, its YOLO not fight night.

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