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This is what your favourite Cardiff Uni night out says about you as a student

Whether you’re an SU warrior or love a night on the town

If there’s one thing that Cardiff can do well, it’s a decent night out. The city’s nightlife is second to none and will not disappoint. With so many options, where do you choose to go? Are you an SU warrior, Livey’s legend or even a hardcore District goer?

Your club of choice certainly can say a lot about you. So we’ve put together a guide of what your Cardiff night out says about you.


You definitely belong to a sports society. You spend your Wednesday evenings pre-drinking from 5pm and getting bullied by your social sec. Followed by queuing from 8pm in the pouring rain, dressed as a worm, just to get your hands on four VKs for a tenner, and butchering every song in silent disco. But who cares? You’ll do it all again next week.


If you frequent district you’re probably a Bristol University reject who loves a bit of drum and bass and may or may not have an addiction to a certain substance. You think you’re edgy because you chose to go here on a Saturday night instead of Juice, but at least you got a cool pic in your rave sunnies for the gram.


If misfits is your go-to then you are probably in your second or third year and are willing to queue for an hour in hopes of getting a pic in the bath tub. You love a good bargain, but then again who could say no to a £1.50 Jäger? Followed by finishing your night in Mamas scoffing down a chicken doner wrap.


Tell me you go to met without telling me you go to met.

Live Lounge

If Liveys is your favourite night out in Cardiff, then you’re either one of two things: A middle-aged man on a stag do, or someone who claims to like indie music because you know all the words to Mr. Brightside. You’ve most likely ended up here on a Monday, ending the night screaming your order at the cashier in Queen Street Maccies.