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This is what degree each Gossip Girl character would study at King’s

Spotted on the streets of London

With winter around the corner and the return of academic work getting a little more serious, it is time to rewatch Gossip Girl and live vicariously through the rich lives of the Upper East side.

While they may be regulars on the steps of The Met, how exactly would they survive in London? This is what we think each Gossip Girl character would do at King’s.

Chuck Bass – Business/finance

This man can be found at any and all rugby socials, although he’s never been seen on the field for a match. He lives and breathes for Dover Castle nights and likes to eye up the fresh-faced first years. There is a 95 per cent chance that he got rejected from LSE and wants to work for the big four. He is definitely a finance or economics major and thinks that joining the KBC will make him stand out from other applicants.

Blair Waldorf – International relations

Nothing but international student vibes from Queen B herself. Often spotted on the top floor of Bush House with her minions giving mean girl energy, but her group presentations are always the best and she will definitely return home to work for the family company after graduating. Her outfits are unrivalled, she puts the fashion students of UAL to shame.

Nate Archibald – Economics

There is always one student that doesn’t know quite how they got here, Nate is that guy. He is a loyal member of the rowing club and thinks speaking Latin is impressive on his LinkedIn. Probably studies economics, and relies on his looks and charm to win interviewers over. Will most likely benefit from nepotism and end up in a job through a friend of a friend.

As the It girl she is, Serena would study psychology at King’s because it’s edgy and cool, just like her outfits are because every day is a fashion show for her. As a true party girl, she’s a Mayfair club promoter and is always seen running late with a WatchHouse coffee in hand. She definitely lives in an apartment in London Bridge that costs a few million and she wants to gatekeep Borough since she thinks it’s not gentrified and quirky.

Dan Humphey – War studies

Without a doubt, this man would be a war studies student and everyone around him would know it. He thinks he’s the next Klausewitz and is pipelined to work in consulting at the big four after graduating. Most likely lives in an indie apartment on the South Bank and is a big fan of The Vault.

Vanessa Abrams – Medicine

Our favourite warrior of the people who wants to give back to society but will inevitably end up in Canada or the US. She is always seen at Guy’s Bar, no matter the day, and has never been spotted without a tote bag. Most likely lives in Elephant & Castle and survives by putting vodka in her coffee every morning.

Jenny Humphrey – The friend who doesn’t go to King’s

There’s always one person in every King’s society that doesn’t actually go here. She’s most likely a Just Stop Oil infiltrator (keep an eye out for Little J on campus!). She is the up and coming socialite and is always asking people to hang out near her place in Shoreditch.

Eric van der Woodsen – Liberal arts

He’s definitely had his fair share of nights at Heaven, but now thinks it is overrated and is seen regularly at Freedom. A liberal arts or modern foreign languages major who lives in Angel and tells everyone its East London. He is always eating the newest vegan meal in the terrace café.

Lily van der Woodsen – Post graduate research fellow

Another rich girly who probably lives in a Kensington town house, financed by anyone but herself.  Always seen in a cocktail bar in Mayfair, although don’t be surprised if you spot her in Guy’s Bar after a day of labs. She stocks her fridge up every week at the Notting Hill Farmers’ Market and always has lunch at Gail’s Bakery.

Rufus Humphrey – Classics and philosophy

King of breakfast waffles and our social media warrior, this is your classic privately educated man who claims he’s not from money (but has money!). He lives in Clapham, thinks Infernos is a wild night out and wants to work in the city. He is the definition of a pretentious city boy and mature student on Classics.