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‘Posh and useless’: What students from other universities think about Edinburgh Uni

Spoiler alert: They all hate us!

We’re all aware of the classic Edinburgh University student stereotype: The skinny scarf-wearing, conservative voting, baccy rolling English/International student. The university has a reputation for pretty buildings, low student satisfaction, and being obnoxiously tricky to get into.

Despite our self-awareness, the ideas students from other universities have of us are 10 times worse. If you fancy having your ego taken down a peg, here’s a long list of what non-UofE students think of Edi:

University of St Andrews

“Men are mid”

Do St Andrews students even have any legs to stand on here? Your uni is so small your friend groups are probably incestuous. You all have one fit friend and proceed to take turns getting with them in the only “club” you have.

I guess it’s kind of cute…

“The application process is stricter than it should be”

Fair. I’ve known people to get into St Andrews but not Edinburgh, despite league tables and whatnot. Also, Edinburgh takes absolutely ages to make a decision.

“Skinny scarves, insufferable accents, lattes, rollies, leather shoes – exact same in St Andrews, though”

At least you’re self-aware.

University of Glasgow

“Posh, useless students who snort their parents hard earned money.”

Hard earned? Inherited, maybe x

Those cloisters are really all you have, huh

“Equestrian, busy library”

I’m so confused. Like, I understand the posh to horse-riding train of thought, but saying the whole uni is equestrian? So bizarre. But yeah, accurate library analysis.

Glasgow Caledonian University

“Rich stuck up/snobby people? Old money, lots of international students, doing quite academic subjects – not science”

Classic equestrian Edinburgh Uni outing

Yes, science is actually nonexistent at Edinburgh. All the people at Kings Campus are paid actors (or probably not knowing Peter Mathieson) x

University of Strathclyde

“A bunch of posh people who dress the same and study Econ – a bit up themselves – I don’t mind it, tbh”

That’s the last time I ask a man from my flatmates’ Hinge to partake in my survey; literally the driest observations ever.

Glasgow School of Art

That’s the last time I ask a man from my flatmates’ Hinge to partake in my survey; literally the driest observations ever.

Glasgow School of Art

Sensing some sibling rivalry here. Not sure this can be argued against at all tbh.

Do you guys even have Calton Hill on bonfire night tho

Edinburgh Napier University

“Students in Edinburgh are vastly differing – you have some that are absolute chavs and some that are royalty”

Hot take, for sure. “Vastly differing” is giving me trying to sound academic in an essay.

Heriot-Watt University

“English, entitled rugby players who all reside in Marchmont”

You actually need a Uni of Edinburgh student card to rent here.

“They scream gap year in Cambodia to ‘help’ the dying children”

Who doesn’t love an excuse for a holiday? Gotta keep that tan up somehow.

So true bestie!

“All develop an accent that doesn’t exist”

We actually only communicate through a series of yah’s and naur’s, practically indistinguishable to the untrained ear. (We trade Pret subscription bar codes for seats in the Main Lib).

Queen Margaret University

“Look like they have dressed in the dark and call it fashion”

Now that’s just rude; what do you mean my Tom’s Trunks and cowboy boots don’t go together?

I wish I could say these fits were ironic but they were not.

“Make it their whole personality trait that they go to Edinburgh Uni”

I am nothing if not consistent. I will keep revolving my life around the fact I go to Edi (regardless of how terrible my grades look x).

University of Dundee

“Edi is too conservative. It’s not liberal or trendy enough like Dundee. I think because Dundee is very street – that’s what most people think”

Are “people” in the room with us now or..? I think you’re getting “street” mixed up with “vile”.

University of Arts London

“Didn’t someone arrive at UofE via helicopter..? Like they checked into Pollock from a helicopter?”

Um, not that I could find on Google, but who am I to confirm or deny. I wouldn’t put it past any Pollock resident, but also, who do you think you are? James Bond? This is Edinburgh, babe, not St Tropez.

(Very clearly not St Tropez)

“You all love One Direction”

A common misconception, it’s actually not so much a love, as it is a need. UofE students need One Direction like water; it’s a necessity to live. Glad I could straighten this out.