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Clubbers of the week: It’s week seven in moustache heaven

Why the long face?

With Halloween coming to an end we’re beginning to see clubbers in Lincoln start to wind down in recovery. Is what I would have said if that were the case. Bonfire night gave a reason for you all to stagger home at 3am and we’re here to publicise it all. Added that Movember is now in full swing, some special moustaches are being seen as well. So with entries from multiple clubs as always, let’s roll on that weekend.

Album of the week

Where’s Bully? (kinda sounds like Wally, maybe)

Runners up

Bottom floor and a gin goblet…


Hero/Heroine of the week

Hero for holding his VK like he’s from the west side apparently

Runners up

Bully for pretending to listen to what this fella was saying

Creeper of the week

Maybe a bib for his frothy beverage

Runners up  

Double creepers!

Routine examination in the club

Moustache of the week

Strong contender for the magic carpets

Runners up

Pay homage to the glorious slug

WTF of the week

“You’re next!!!!”

Runners up

Better safe than Surrey..

Multiple Blue VK’s for some reason all night! Andale!

Stunner of the week

La dolce vita of all stunners

Runners up

Everyone is stunning

Oh… heya mate

All of my emotions after hitting my mates mango Elf Bar

Photo credits: Patrick Axe @ Axholme Media Productions

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