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These are officially the best places to get a hot chocolate in Durham

Now Mariah Carey has defrosted, it’s time to dig out those winter gloves and go on that hot choc bar crawl

With pumpkin spice coffees slowly being swapped for warm cups of hot chocolate, ’tis officially the Christmas season! Put those microwaved hot chocolates away and treat yourself to a trip to one of these top five places in Durham the next time you want a cuppa.

1. Riverview Kitchen

With the option of getting your very own charcuterie board, here you can feel festive in style. Of course, there is always the option of a standard creamy hot chocolate, but the presentation is what makes this one top notch. If you opt for all the strings attached – brownies, marshmallows and cream – you can feel like a real first class diner with your little board and bowls.

2. Flat White

What is a Durham café crawl without Flat White? Known for its fancy coffees, this one does not let you down with hot chocolates either. The best part is clearly the latte art – you’ve got to admit, we all love a cheeky sprinkle of chocolate. Because it’s a little pricey, this one makes it a bit further down on the hot chocolate hot list, but who wouldn’t pay a bit extra for a little pot of cream to make you feel like you walked into a Victorian tea party?

3. Treats Café

I’m so biased because Treats is my personal fave – who doesn’t love the coffee and cake deal after 2pm and the Alice in Wonderland aesthetic? It may look simple, but the hot chocolate here is yummy – and of course, can come with cream and marshmallows. The best part about it all is the chocolate sauce on top. It truly is top-notch festive!

4. Whittard’s

Technically this isn’t really a café, but it has to make the list. Many a Durham student has grabbed a cheeky taster from the shop after their lecture, pretended to browse, then awkwardly left without buying anything… but who can blame them! No matter which flavour – Raspberry Ripple, Sticky Toffee Pudding, or just plain Hot Chocolate, Whittard’s never misses. We all have that one friend who loves hot chocolate more than life itself – why not gift them a sample box for Christmas? They’ll love you forever!

5. Greggs

A simple but good option, somehow Greggs always hits the spot. So whether you’re on your way home from the Lumiere light show, or just beginning your trek up to deep Gilesgate after a day full of seminars and tutorials, reward yourself with a quick pop in to this classic destination! Never underestimate the power of the deals on the app…

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