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This is exactly which Taylor Swift era is your Durham college in, based on vibes

No prizes for guessing Hatfield’s…

It’s no secret that Durham LOVES Taylor Swift; we have a whole society dedicated to her and her music. There seems to be a Swift-related event almost weekly, and if you listen very carefully by the river, they say you can still hear the haunting voices of Taylor boat-parties of times gone by. But with a Swiftie in every corner of the uni, what era does each college belong to? Scroll to find yours…

1. Debut – St John’s and St Aidan’s

On the surface you’re giving wholesome, good Christian girl. You know nothing of controversy or cancel culture, you’re just here for a good time. But nobody can say you don’t have your own edge! John’s, don your cowboy boots and line-dance on down to the club – you deserve it!

In a similar vein, Aidan’s never seems to get into trouble. But there’s that side to Debut that nobody likes to acknowledge but we all know is true – you’re a little forgettable (sorry). If you asked me to name five songs on Debut off the top of my head, I don’t think I could do it. Unfortunately, I feel like Aidan’s is a similar case, nobody really knows what you do. I’m sure you’ve got some gems hidden, but help us out here.

2. Fearless – Collingwood and John Snow

Collingwood has a reputation for hosting the sports stars of the university, and for that reason we can only pair you with Fearless. The American high school football team vibes were just too perfect to ignore. You’re still young and full of life (with a fantastic bar), but still relatively drama free. There are definitely some future Travis Kelces in your midst…

John Snow, you’re also getting paired with Fearless. Anyone can agree that your campus is giving “American college” architecture (seriously, I feel like I’m in Legally Blonde when I walk around). But, I’ve heard from inside sources, you can be a little cliquey… it’s giving Fifteen.

3. Speak Now – South

South – you’re not afraid to stand up for what you believe in. After last year’s speaker protests, everybody knows that nobody messes with South college and gets away with it (it was giving Kanye at the VMAs…). Speak Now is a deceptively angsty album, and nobody captures that free-spirit energy quite like you. Keep doing what you’re doing, South!

4. Red – Grey and Trev’s

South – you’re not afraid to stand up for what you believe in. After last year’s speaker protests, everybody knows that nobody messes with South college and gets away with it (it was giving Kanye at the VMAs…). Speak Now is a deceptively angsty album, and nobody captures that free-spirit energy quite like you. Keep doing what you’re doing, South!

4. Red – Grey and Trev’s

Ok, this might seem like a wild pick, but hear me out. As any well-versed Swiftie knows, the Red album didn’t receive any Grammy awards at its release, but has since made a huge comeback with the rerecord: Red (Taylor’s Version). Grey’s has been overlooked for some time, but the people that go there love it, and The Greyhound bar, I think, deserves more love than it gets.

Trev’s, you’re also Red, but for an entirely different reason. You’re gowned, AND catered, but you’re not on the Bailey? Make it make sense. Red was Taylor’s transition from country to pop music, and some say it’s a little all over the place, like it doesn’t know what it wants to be. Ringing any bells? On the other hand, you’re known as the friendly college, and we know how much Taylor sang about going out with her friends on the Red album, with hits such as 22 and We Are Never Getting Back Together.

5. 1989 – Cuth’s and Castle

You guys are THAT girl. These are the colleges everyone puts as their first choices, and for good reason: Who doesn’t want to live in a castle? Cuth’s rose to fame via internet sensation Jack Edwards, and prospective students still salivate at the thought of being assigned there. 1989 catapulted Taylor from fame to stardom, so it only felt right to pair it with Durham’s most famous colleges.

6. Reputation – Hatfield

We all know Hatfield has a reputation of its own, but you’ve got something to prove and you know how to ignore the haters while having a good time with your friends. But aren’t we all secretly jealous of them? They’ve got a decent bar, a huge sense of community, and they can roll out of bed at 8:59 and be in Palace Green for a 9am. Hatfielders, “your reputation’s never been worse, but I like you for you” <3

7. Lover – St. Mary’s 

Much like Lover, you’re for the girls and the the gays. You’re historically a women’s college and I can’t blame you for sticking with the friendly and feminine vibes of Mary’s. Also, according to last year’s statistics, 57.89 percent of you identify as LGBTQ+ (that’s the highest across all Durham colleges!). Taylor preached love, friendship, and pride with this album, and I can’t think of anyone who sums this up more than you. Love you Mary’s!

8. Folklore – JoBo and Van Mildert

You guys are out in the sticks up there on South Road, so the woodsy vibes of Folklore fit you well. Not everyone appreciates you, but those who like you LOVE you. You’re older than your little sister Stevo, but I must say you have cooler facilities. Not to mention I swear you guys always seem to have some kind of love triangle going on akin to Betty, James, and Augustine…

Van Mildert. Call this lazy writing but you’ve got a lake, and that’s about the most interesting thing about you. In honour of Folklore’s bonus track The Lakes, you’re going in here. Even though it’s a bonus track, it’s one of the best written songs on the album – maybe that’s a sign we should all get to know you more. Enjoy getting lost in the woods on the way back from Jimmy’s.

9. Evermore – Stevo and Hild Bede

Oh, Stevo. You’re forever in your older sister’s shadow. I feel like everybody forgets about you until JoBo is brought up – and we all know the rumours that circled about Taylor hating Evermore (until it had one of the biggest sets in the Eras Tour…). You have a friendly, community vibe and it seems like everyone knows each other somehow. The mound (which I’m told has its own IG page?) brings you and JoBo together, as sister albums should be <3

Nobody really knows where Hild Bede is or what you do there. I’ve never met anyone assigned there and yet you’re one of the biggest colleges. You’re giving the mysterious, creative, and artistic vibes of Evermore – think the witchy Willow choreography on the Eras Tour. I’m not convinced you’re not all in some secret cult cut off from society. If anyone finds themselves wandering into Hild Bede campus, you know they’ve stumbled too far. We’ll be praying for your safe return… No body no crime!

10. Midnights – St Chad’s

Chad’s! Despite your Bailey location, I feel like you don’t have the same “upper-crust” demeanour of the rest. Just like Midnights has the ability to break your heart and then get you on the dance floor with bangers like Karma, you’re the best of both worlds. You’re successful academic weapons, but you can still make the whole place shimmer. I’ve never had a disappointing night in your bar – you know how to let your hair down but seem to get tip top grades at the same time. How do you do it???

Honourable Mention – Beautiful Eyes – Ustinov

Not a proper album, not a proper college. End of story.

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